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Suja Juices: Are They Worth the Hype?

suja juice review

Suja Juice has become the nation’s leading organic and cold-pressured juice brand. The complete line of juices are USDA Certified Organic and certified by the Non-GMO project.

Best of all: They are healthy!

What Is It?

Suja Juice started when Co-Founders Annie Lawless, James Brennan, Jeff Church, and Eric Ethans wanted a high quality juice that didn’t have its health properties destroyed in the process. They have a mission to get the best quality organic and Non-GMO juice into as many hands as possible.

They specialize in organic, Non-GMO fruits and vegetables, and the implementation of their breakthrough displacement technology called High Pressure Processing. Bacteria can’t survive the high pressure, but the healthy vitamins and enzymes can.

This process extends shelf life and helps to maintain essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Special Ingredients

Suja Juice ingredients are non-GMO and certified organic. But, that’s just the start. It needs to taste good. The recipes are blended by the top raw-foods chef and co-founder Eric Ethans.

They don’t use dairy in any product, nor wheat ingredients. Most are certified vegan and kosher. They even eschew soy because most soy is GMO.

One of the most popular varieties: Suja Green Supreme Juice * combines the tartness of lemons with the healthy benefits of kale and apples. Other varieties use kiwi, mango, orange, carrot, beets, honey, cinnamon and so many more.

Herbs and spices come into play in most of the varieties. Turmeric is making wave with its health benefits and organic turmeric is found in several varieties. Vanilla is used to soothe the digestive system, help you relax, and keep you full.

Suja Juice Cleanse Reviews

This is one of the very best tasting juice cleanses I have done! Loving each flavor.


I tried the Suja 3-day juice cleanse and I'm very impressed. I had tried Suja before and love the taste but I'd never tried a cleanse. The juices that came with the cleanse were great. I've never done a cleanse so I was worried I'd be hungry. The first day was rough but by day 3 I was fine and was not longer craving food or sugar…I looked forward to the "dessert" juice every day--Vanilla Cloud. It was phenomenal and definitely the best of the bunch. If you are on the fence, I highly recommend giving it a try. Worth every penny. 


The juices were absolutely delicious and surprisingly kept me full throughout the day. My first day I couldn't even finish the last juice. It’s not to say that I wasn't craving food, but in general I wasn't starving. I would definitely do the 3-day detox again. 

Georgette Yaipen

Are Suja Juices Healthy?

Most definitely, YES! Cold-pressing keeps the enzymes and vitamins intact in the juice. This gives your body the best available nutrients and the easiest time digesting. Unlike commercial juices, Suja is still alive when you drink it!

But, just like all foods, you need to do your research.

Diabetics often have a hard time with juice, and Suja is no different. Fruit juices are naturally high in sugars and these sugars give diabetics issues. If you are diabetic, consult your doctor to know how many sugars you should have per day and then see if Suja will fit into your plan.

Also, some people are allergic to carrots, apples, or kiwi. Some people are oversensitive to vitamin K (found in kale and spinach). Always read the ingredients so you don’t aggravate an allergy. Suja is transparent and will tell you everything that’s in your juice.

suja juice


  • 100% Juice

Yes, this is pure juice.

  • Wide Mix of Fruits & Vegetables

Each drink has a few fruits and vegetables. Many other drinks try to stuff all fruits and vegetables into one drink and you get a bland or bad tasting drink. Suja keeps it simple, allowing each flavor to shine through. 

Many of the drinks have a strong top flavor, a second subtler flavor and a base note that holds it all together. Just like the finest scents and culinary dishes, this is the recipe for perfect taste.

  • Encourages Healthy Weight Loss

During the cleanse, Suja juices encourage weight loss through high nutrition and strong anti-oxidant activities. When your body is no longer fighting the foods you eat, you can easily lose weight and support your health. 

  • Longer Shelf Life Than Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

When we asked how long Suja Juices last, we were impressed by an average 6-week time frame. This gives you enough time to order one of the longer juice cleanses and keep everything fresh and ready to go. It doesn't overwhelm you. 

You can also freeze the juice to extend the shelf life.

  • Detoxifies and Cleanses

These juices help your body detox and cleanse from the everyday rut. Because of the power of vegetables and nutrients, you help eliminate toxins. The system for the 3-day cleanse is designed to help you absorb the most amount of nutrients possible and give your digestive system a much needed break.

  • All Natural Sugars

Unlike white sugar, agave, artificial sweeteners, or corn syrup, natural sugars directly from fruits and vegetables are digested easier and through natural pathways. Your body doesn’t need to fight these sugars. Natural sugars aren’t linked to diseases, unlike added sugars.

  • Whole Plan with the Recipe Book

For most people, you don’t want to just drink juices for a couple of days then go back to bad habits. With the Suja Juice Solution Book *, you get recipes and plans to help you transition to a healthier diet and enjoy the process. It an easy-to-follow weekly plan that will help you improve mental focus, beat unhealthy cravings and drop excess fat.


  • 100% Juice

This can be a problem for people who are sensitive to sugars. 

  • Wide Range of Vegetables

If you don’t like celery or kale, then certain drinks are not for you. Many of the bitterest fruits and vegetables are also the one packed with the highest nutrition. That’s why the Suja Juice nutrition is so balanced: a wide range of superfoods. You will still find something you will like with the dozens of varieties. 

  • Price

The price can be a little steep for some people. When you get used to cheap soda at $2 per 2-liter, a little bottle at 16oz for almost $9 is a shock. Suja juice is worth the price. Each bottle has several vegetables in them. If you actually counted out how much those individual veggies and fruits are and then eat them whole, you are actually saving money.

  • Shorter Shelf Life Than Other Juices

Suja Juices last around 6 weeks when properly refrigerated. This isn’t a lot of time, but longer than fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • You May Feel Hungry On The Cleanse

When you stop eating, your body starts to panic. This is normal. The juices that are part of the cleanse provide your body with nutrients, so the hungry feeling doesn’t last long. Your body recognizes that it is getting quality nutrients for little work.

  • There Are Side Effects

Many people will experience mild headaches, nausea, and fatigue the first time they cleanse. This isn't the juice, it’s your body getting rid of toxins. Feeling these symptoms is actually a good sign your body is eliminating things like mercury, lead, bile stones, excess sugars, and hosts of other negative chemicals. These symptoms should clear before you finish the cleanse. Once of the best things to do is to drink plenty of water and stick to the cleanse.

If you experience pain, vomiting, rashes, or difficult breathing, thinking, or moving, stop the cleanse and call your doctor or an ambulance immediately. You may have an unknown allergy.

Suja Juice Safety

The cold-press system kills bacteria, so your juice is free of contamination. The quality of the non-GMO and organic fruits and vegetables ensures no chemicals or pesticides are in your juice.

This juice is great for kids as a snack. Kids love the flavor and it may help them eat whole fruits and vegetables.

While the cleanse isn't recommended for pregnant women, occasionally drinking the juice can provide lots of nutrition for you and the baby.

Even the elderly can benefit. These juices are high in nutrition and easily digested. It’s an easy way to increase your health during a time when your appetite isn’t a big as it used to be.

Where To Buy Suja Juice?

There are select Suja Juice Locations. The main Suja website has a store locator to see if a physical location is near you. They ship nation-wide.

Most people will find it easiest to shop online. From time to time we'll post here special offers we got exclusively from Suja Juices. Stay tuned!

Click Here to Visit Official Suja Juice Website *

About the Author: Christina Major is a Holistic Nutritionist, Traditional Naturopath, and Herbalist. She has a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and an advanced degree in Traditional Naturopathy. Further certifications in herbalism and metabolic typing. She owns and operates Crystal Holistic Health Consulting based in PA, the USA since 2010.

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  • fake article says:

    This article is fake and not true!! No proof of suja being “healthy”. Suja is the most unhealthiest drink and contains harmful chemicals in their drink. And, these drinks can cause harmful side effects as well. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this nasty crappy drink is “healthy and organic” because it is NOT healthy at all. They will lie to make you think it is healthy and to make people buy it, too bad nobody is buying it 🙂 I see it in grocery stores and I don’t see anyone buying this crappy, unhealthy drink because it is an artificially flavored, nasty, harmful drink!!! Besides, drinks like these are unhealthy for anybody, juicing is bad for anybody’s health and drinks like these DO NOT cleanse your body. They lie on the labels to make people believe it, too bad nobody buying this crappy, artificially flavored, nasty, harmful drink!

    • Dima says:


      Thank you for your thoughts on Suja juices here on iFocusHealth. I agree that Suja juices are way less beneficial in terms of vitamins and nutrients than fresh squeezed natural juices. But I think it’s much better than other artificially sweetened and colored drinks. I also noticed you wrote “juicing is bad for anybody’s health”. If you meant about juicing at all, I cannot agree with you. If you want to know why juicing is so beneficial for our health, please read here. If you still don’t trust it because it’s our article, you can read this article from Joe Cross or this article from Dr. Mercola.

      Suja juices are good for somebody who doesn’t want or doesn’t have time to squeeze his/her own juices and still wants to get vitamins and nutrients from variety of vegetables and fruits. I wouldn’t drink them constantly over time and would replace them with fresh juices from juice bars or stores in your area. Suja company uses Cold Pressure manufacturing process, also known as High Pressure Processing (HPP), instead of high heat, to extend shelf life and to help maintain essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Another drawback I see that it takes some time until fresh Suja juices consumed by people. The best is to drink juices immediately after squeezing in order to get all the vitamins and nutrients.


    • Marissa N says:

      I think the reason you see nobody buying it is because they are all buying sodas. People of WalMart. lmao

    • Shandy says:

      You’re an idiot. I wanted to read credible reviews about the product but all you could do is overuse the word “crappy”. I cannot even take you serious. You didn’t list any information or counter information. It’s just “crappy”. So glad you chimed in…

      • Dima says:

        Hello, Shandy!

        Thank you for your thoughts here, at iFocusHealth.com. I’d like to ask you to talk to other people here with respect, without unnecessary bad names and labels. All of us have the rights to say what we want. Thank you for understanding.

        • michelle says:

          So Dima – the person who gave the review- is any of it true..are there harmful chemicals, etc.

          • Christina Major says:

            Hi Michelle!

            Suja juices are natural. They do not add any artificial colors, chemicals or other ‘crap’. There are many juices that do, but this is not one of them.

            The government regulates what type of ingredients can be placed in the juice and on the label.

            We recommend visiting the website and reviewing their ingredient lists. From there, you can see exactly what is in the juice and what is not.

    • Alishba says:

      You must have your facts wrong. Suja does not have artificial colours or artificial or natural flavourings and is not from concentrate, and no gums or acids are added in, and there is NO added sugars.

      You say you don’t find anyone buying it in store, most likely because they are going for the sodas and sugar sweetened drinks instead.

      Yes, some Suja flavours are high in naturally occurring carbs and sugars but if it is something you can’t handle because of a medical issue, or due to an intense fear over carbs and/or sugar then you do not consume it.

  • Marissa N says:

    I just bought a couple and love the taste…but I bought mine for less than 3 dollars each, so I don’t understand why this article says 9 dollars and their actual page charges a lot as well. It’s actually super affordable from the store.

    • Dima says:

      Hey Marissa!
      Thank you for your comment.
      There are many places that charge much less for the different juices versus what the website says. One of the biggest reasons is some retailers buy huge quantities and get a lower price. That way, they can charge you less!
      There are also shipping costs to factor in. When they need to ship a bigger distance, they need to charge more. It’s one of the reasons that certain foods and products cost differently in different areas.
      Finally, you factor in. If you are going out to buy the juices, they don’t need to charge more for distribution. You are doing part of the work!
      So, yes, you will find the juices at different prices in different locations. They are still the same good juices, just at a better price!

    • Denise P says:

      I have found the 12oz Sujas at Publix for $4.19 and every few weeks they have buy one get one free. A lot of the ones on the website are 16oz, but still almost double the price for 4 more oz

  • Prady Prudhom says:

    Juicing is so good. I just love it. Suja is cold pressurized. It is awesome. We love it. Pls. be successful so we can buy it in our store. How does it taste? Is it tasty or not too much? I love all the healthy things money can buy. Good to be drinking healthy! Yay! Go ifocushealth! You are the best, most awesome everything!

    • Dima says:

      Hello, Prady Prudhom!

      Thank you for your comment. Suja Juices has many different kinds of juices; 1, 3 or 5-day juice programs and pressed probiotic waters. You can visit their website to see all the ingredients and other details. Regarding the taste, it depends on what you like. Some people will like the taste that I won’t like and vice versa. It’s very personal, especially with cold pressed organic juices without added sugar. You can go and check their juice ingredients, choose one that seems good to you and try. For me personally, I like juices with a one or few ingredients instead of a lot. But please remember, this is only good “on the go” option. The best is to invest in a juicer and make your own juices. Good luck and be healthy!

  • Robyn says:

    My boyfriend and I just completed our first 3 day cleanse with Suja and absolutely love it. We felt amazing after the first day and will definitely be doing it again! They taste amazing!

  • Max says:

    “They specialize in organic, Non-GMO fruits and vegetables, and the implementation of their breakthrough displacement technology called High Pressure Processing. It’s a cold processing technique that uses high pressure to extract the juice rather than heat.”

    HPP does not extract juice, it kills bad bacteria just like pasteurizing does. Get your facts straight!

    • Christina Major says:

      Hi Max. You’re right. Thank you for pointing this out.

      This was taken from Suja’s website on what the extraction process is. Since publication, and the impending lawsuit, Suja revamped their website and removed much of the controversial and misidentified information.

      We will update the info asap.

  • Petrina says:

    I have a question. My husband and I have a hard time getting our son to eat vegetables. Can Suja replace the vegetable nutrition he is not getting? Because it’s easier for us to get him to drink Suja.

    • Christina Major says:

      Hi Petrina! Thank you for your question.

      You aren’t alone; Many parents have a hard time getting their child to eat vegetables.

      We actually have a post with various juice recipes that kids may like..

      Suja juices can supplement your child’s diet and help get in more fruits and vegetables. Although juices are a good source of vitamins and minerals they can not fully replace vegetables and fruits. There are tens of thousands of enzymes and nutrients that are absent in the juices. All of the probiotics and fibers are eliminated, as are many of the nutrients. It’s what happens to all juices, not just Suja.

      We recommend you keep trying to get your son to eat his vegetables. Perhaps going as far as removing all other foods from his reach except for the fruits and vegetables can help. He wants the other, unhealthy foods because he knows you will give them to him.

      A child that avoids vegetables now, will most likely avoid them as an adult.

  • Trish says:

    Just wondering why you say that fresh-pressed juices are far superior to Suja juices.
    If both are raw and cold-pressed, what does fresh-pressed have that a cold pressure processed juice doesn’t? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Christina Major says:

      Hey, Trish! I’m glad you asked.

      In all fruits and vegetables, there are enzymes that begin to break down vitamins and other nutrients in the flesh as soon as it is damaged. You see this best when you cut an apple and it turns brown. This is partly a protective mechanism and partly a reproductive mechanism. It’s there to ensure the survival of the seeds (the fruit is only there to protect the seeds and attract animals to help disburse the seeds).

      When you drink fresh pressed juice, you lose very little nutrients. However, the longer the juice sits, the more nutrients are lost. For example, Vitamin C will decompose approximately 50% in 3 hours under ambient light. It decomposes faster in fluorescent lights (which most stores use), and less in natural light.

      Many other nutrients also decompose at fast rates when exposed to light, heat, or motion. This is why we say fresh is best. Suja juices keep many nutrients by keeping air out and using minimal heat. But, they can’t control natural processes without diminishing the health benefits of the juice.

  • Erwin says:

    My dad doesn’t want to drink cold water. Since Suja should be kept refrigerated after opening. Is it okay to heat it up in the microwave so that it can be warm? Will that affect the quality of the juice?


    • Christina Major says:

      Hey Erwin!

      We do not recommend microwaving since there’s conflicting reports of what microwaving does to food and water.

      This juice should be kept refrigerated, but if you let it stand for 20 minutes on the counter, it should warm up enough to room temperature.

      And this is not enough time to encourage bacterial growth.

      In order to be safe as possible, use a fresh unopened juice to warm up.

  • Mary Mauwer says:

    I love Suja juices, they are very delicious indeed. Thank you dor sharing your experience. I’ll be sure to try your tips. Regards Mary.

    • Dima says:

      Hi, Mary!

      Thank you for your interest! You’re welcome! Also, I’m happy that you represent the Juice 2U company that focuses on cold-pressed juicing, organic and green lifestyle. It’s great that you help people to get the whole food nutrition, cold-pressed and detox juice cleanses, real-fruit smoothies, acai berry products that give them energy and extend quality of their lives.

  • Adam says:

    Thank you for sharing, great article

  • Dorian says:

    Discovered Suja “Mighty Dozen” At Costco…
    I’ve Become Addicted To It,
    I Drink 50 Fluid Ounces Every Day, Day And A Half…
    I Believe It’s An Acquired Taste As The Ginger Gives It A Lil Bite At The End Of Each Gulp…
    I’m Obsessed With Eating A Drinking “Good Things” For My Health And Body..
    Other So Called Healthy Juices Are More Sugar Than Anything,
    And Have Half The Ingredients At Best.
    Suja, Low Sodium Tomato/Vegetable Juice, Or Water For Me…

  • Anne Rigdon says:

    I have never been so sick as I was after suja radiant probiotic. It does not even compare to toxic effects of chemotherapy for colon cancer or gluten intolerance or the worst migraine ever. Label it poison please. Still cleaning up and afraid to leave my house.

    • Christina Major says:

      Hey, Anne.

      We’re sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with this product.

      Normally, this is not the type of effect it has. We believe it might be one of two problems.

      The first one is your body is not used to the concentrated probiotics and it reacted poorly to having the good bacteria. It could have been a mass die-off of the bad bacteria or just the sudden influx of good ones. Even healthy and good food, drinks, and other products can make a person sick if the body is not used to it.

      The second possibility is that it could be an allergic reaction to the bacteria or binders.

      We recommend talking to a doctor to make sure that you are healthy enough to use probiotics and then start smaller to make sure you’re not getting the overwhelm in your gut. This should eliminate some of the problems you experienced.

  • michelle says:

    So are the accusations true about harmful chemicals?

    • Christina Major says:

      Hey Michelle!

      We do not believe the accusations are true that Suja juices have harmful chemicals.

      It would be a complete change in their processes and marketing to begin using any kind of chemicals in their juices.

  • Laurie says:

    I have a question. Can Suja juices be blended with protein powders? Thank you.

    • Christina Major says:

      Hey Laurie!

      This is an interesting question.

      You can blend most protein powders with any liquid.

      Suja juices can be added to most protein powders.

      We recommend you try it and see how the taste changes and how well the protein powder blends in.

      We hope you leave a review so we can encourage others to try the same thing you have done.

  • Adrienne says:

    I was wondering about pesticides on fruits and veggies that you use?

    • Christina Major says:

      Hey Adrienne!

      That’s a good question. The Suja Juice company uses organic fruits and vegetables to eliminate the risk of pesticides on the produce. Like everything else, there may be a risk of pesticide and other chemicals that may have drifted onto the fruits and vegetables from other farms. However, they were not directly applied or intentional. These are one of the better brands juices, and they take care to make sure their product is safe and healthy.

  • Jane P says:

    Suja Noon Greens replaced the diuretic Rx Lasix, that I took for several years for pulmonary edema. It contains apple celery and cucumber, natural diuretics, and works really well. 3.99 @ Publix I wait until it’s bogo’d, then stock up.

  • Jodie says:

    I’d like to find out more? I’d love to find out more details.

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