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Lemon Detox Diet – Are You Ready for 10 Day Lemon Fast?

In recent years nutrition awareness gained lots popularity. Our society has become more interested in different aspects of personal health. People are in constant search for different diets that can make them look and feel better. There are weight loss diets, weight gain diets, low cholesterol nutrition plans, low sugar plans, blood pressure diets, detoxification fasts and so on. There are different methods to accomplish each of the targets mentioned in those diets.

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lemon detox diet

Full body detoxification can be achieved in a variety of different ways. In this post I will discuss a lemon diet which I read about recently. Apparently this is a very popular one, and although it seems quiet hard, people reporting it to be successful and less difficult than it appeared to be at first.

The Diet

The diet is based on Master Cleanse System developed by Stanley Burroughs several decades ago. Since then it was tried and refined by many individuals around the globe. The following plan is one of those variations.

This diet is actually a 10 day fast where you only permitted to drink certain drinks and not allowed to eat at all. Sounds scary? I got scared at first too. However it seems that many people who tried it, say it was way easier than they were expecting it to be. While I would expect to walk around with a constant hunger almost from the start, some participants report not being concerned with hunger during the hall period of the fast.

Words of Caution

It is important to understand that this diet is not for everyone. People suffering from different medical disorders may harm their health if they follow this diet. It is important to consult your doctor or dietitian before starting this lemon fast.

Expected Results

Based on feedback from different participants you can expect to lose 4 to 9 kg (9 to 20 lb), if you follow the system for 10 days.

Lemon Fast Ingredients

1. Lemons - around 40 lemons for 10 days

2. Organic Maple Syrup - 1.5-2 liters

3. Sea salt -with no Iodine

4. Cayenne pepper powder

5. Laxative herbal tea

6.Drinking Water

Diet Rules

  • At the first morning of the detox fast, drink 1 liter of water mixed with 2 tea spoons of sea salt.
  • 1/2 hour after drinking the salty water you may drink lemonade which you make by the following recipe:
  • 1/2 lemon (2 table spoons of fresh lemon juice)
  • 1 glass of water
  • 2 spoons of maple syrup
  • §1/4 tea spoon of cayenne pepper powder
  • Drink 6 to 12 lemonade glasses each day
  • Drink water between lemonades (as much as you can)
  • Drinking mint and peppermint tea is allowed in any quantity
  • End each day with Laxative herbal tea

      Follow this routine for 10 days.

          Diet Preperations

          Herbal tea and salty water will stimulate bowel cleansing. If your working day starts early on, it will be smarter to do this fast on holidays. It is better to prepare the lemonade fresh, just before you plan to drink it. The easiest way to make lemon juice is by using a citrus juicer. You can read about different citrus juice making options in our citrus juicer buying guide.

          How to End this Lemon Detox Fast and Get Back to Ordinary Diet?

          Drink fresh fruit/vegetables juices for the first days after the fast. Make sure you separate the juices to fruits or vegetables categories. Don’t mix them.

          • The second day after the lemon fats you can eat blended vegetable soup.
          • The third day after the diet you can eat salad with salt and lemon (without oil or fat).
          • At the afternoon (the third day) you can add cooked cereals to your salad.
          • At the afternoon (the third day) you can add cooked cereals to your salad.
          • The fourth day you can add oil to your salad.

          Add something each day after that, until you are back to an ordinary everyday diet that includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is very important to make sure you eat a salad at every meal.

          Extra Tips

          Make sure you listen to your body during the process. People who go through this process report not having lots of difficulties during it. One of the participating women shared her experience of this diet and told that the only problem she had, was  with Laxative herbal tea, which made her stomach pain. She decided to stop drinking it and still achieved an amazing result of losing 6 kg.

          Books & Guides

          Master Cleanse is a popular diet. There are books and courses that explain it in a more detailed way while offering different methods to make it easier and more effective. Master Cleanse Secrets is one of those eBooks. You can read more about it in our Master Cleanse Secrets review.

          lemon detox diet infographic

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          About the Author: Hey, I’m Dima and I love juicing. When I was a kid, fruits and vegetables weren’t something I was very excited about. I was much more passionate about eating meatballs with spaghetti than I was about a salad of any kind :). A few years ago I discovered juicing that not only had an effect on my daily meals, my health, and my looks but also on my entire lifestyle. And I share with you all my knowledge and tips.

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        • myllie says:

          So you’re not able to also drink juices like spinach or sauerkraut juice along WITH the lemonade diet?

          • Christina Major says:

            Hi Myllie, this question confuses many people.

            This diet is extremely limiting. So, no you cannot drink additional juices when you follow this plan.

            Just know: We have this diet on our website because people asked for it. We do not support the use. This kind of weight loss is unhealthy. The diet is severely limited on nutrients. It could cause more severe problems than what it claims to solve.

            A diet such as this should not be undertaken without the direct supervision of your doctor or nutritionist.

          • JLady says:

            I think it is important to note that this is a detox cleanse NOT a diet. This recipe was not developed to promote weight loss; however, with calories and nutrition so limited you will obviously lose weight. This recipe was developed to cleanse the body of toxins from processed foods, fluoride and chlorine in water, and many other toxins we consume each day.

            Your sense of taste and smell will change dramatically about half way through the process becoming much more sensitive. You will likely develop a white thick film on the back of your tongue that will pass. Your sweat, urine, and bowel movements will have a putrid odor. It’s the toxins leaving your body.

            If you maintain the cleanse for the full 10 days you must “ease” your body back into solid foods by eating only raw fruits and vegetables or purees of raw foods for the first few days because your body will reject heavy fats, meats, dairy, or processed foods or sugars. You will vomit or have severe stomach pains.

            This is NOT A DIET. This is a cleanse and should be done very carefully only by healthy individuals. Monitor yourself daily. If you feel your energy is too low, increase the maple syrup.

            I have been doing this cleanse about twice a year for several years. It keeps me feeling clean inside and out.

            • Christina Major says:

              Hey JLady! You are absolutely right.

              This isn’t a program someone can use long term. It’s only supposed to be for the short 10 days. And you absolutely must ease back into eating normally.

              Most people want to cleanse their bodies. A few will think if 10 days is good, 20 is better. It’s not the case. This was created for 10 days, not more.

              We’re glad you have success on this plan! Keep up the good work!

              We’ll have to make these points better in the next revision!

        • Madame says:

          I love lemon juice and water so much. It’s the best detox in the world. I’ve been doing it for so long and I always feel so amazing. Though mine is for a shorter amount of time and I add other ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. Head over to my blog and check out the post. http://www.madamesociety.com

          • Dima says:

            Hello, Madame!

            Thank you for your thoughts here. Unfortunately, I’ve checked your blog and didn’t find any material on lemon detox. Your blog seems isn’t related to the health niche but to women fashion niche.

        • Lemon says:

          I have tried master cleanse system, but only 3 days passed I gave up. Too scary. Now I start to try Lemon Detox Diet.

          Thank you your share, Dima.

          • Dima says:

            Hello, Lemon!

            You’re right! This is exactly what I’ve written: “this diet is not for everyone”. It is very important to consult your doctor or dietitian before starting the master cleanse diet. In this diet, you’re not allowed to eat at all for 10 days. It’s not easy, agree, but it still works. I think you’ve taken a right route starting the less aggressive diet. After making these easier and shorter diets you will be much more comfortable to make the other longer aggressive diets. Thank you!

        • Diksharai says:

          Thank’s for the great info 🙂 I loved the 10 day lemon detox recipe very well

          Thank you

          • Christina Major says:

            Hey Diksharai!

            Thanks for the compliment.

            We hope you enjoy it and get good results.

            Let us know how it works for you.

        • Queenbee says:

          What does the maple syrup do? Can the cleanse be done without adding maple syrup? I try to limit all sugars, and the idea of maple syrup mixed with lemon makes me want to gag. Has anyone tried this but left out the maple syrup. ( tried it with the maple syrup and it was gag city.. I just could not swallow more than a few mouthfuls) thanks

          • Christina Major says:

            Hey Queenbee!

            Maple syrup contains a lot of trace nutrients and minerals.

            It’s as important during fast and cleanses because it adds many things that we need but are not getting and adds carbohydrates, which equal energy.

            But, if you can’t get it down your throat, it’s not doing you any good.

            Our recommendation is to skip the maple syrup and focus on other healthy aspects in your diet. You can build up the trace nutrients and minerals in your diet prior to doing any fast or cleanse, then you don’t have to worry about the maple syrup at all. Thanks for asking.

        • Miss E says:

          I was wondering if the herbal tea absolutely has to be laxative? Would I be able to replace it with a simple plan green tea or other herbal tea? Thank you!

          • Christina Major says:

            Hey Miss E,

            The laxative tea is to help clean out the colon and flush everything out of the intestine.

            There is a huge buildup of matter and dead bacteria within your intestine and this helps eliminate that.

            You can do the fast without the laxative tea, but you will not receive the full benefits.

        • Lisa says:

          Are you able to take your daily medicine during the 10 days?

          • Christina Major says:

            Hey Lisa,

            You should be able to take your regular daily medication throughout the fast.

            If your medication requires you to eat, then this fast is not for you.

            Be sure to talk to your doctor if you’re on medication that requires you to eat or before starting a fast.

            Sometimes, doing a fast like this may make your medications much more effective, which can cause dangerous buildups.

        • Joanna says:

          Can you drink a black coffe?

          • Christina Major says:

            Hey Joanna,

            We do not recommend you drink black coffee during this fast.

            It could cause stomach upset, vomiting, metabolism issues, or headaches.

            If you intend to follow this fast, please stick to our recommendations.

        • Bob says:

          I wish people would listen to actual real medical doctors and scientists. DETOXIFYING YOUR BODY IS A MYTH. In fact, that is the purpose of many parts of the body, it does it itself (if you’re healthy). Stop this scam. see the article in the well liberal respected The Guardian, an notice their comments on people like Stanley, Burroughs and Dr Oz “quacks and charlatans”. The “feeling” you get would be the same feeling if I spent hours telling you my new liquid will detox you and get rid all your ills- and I just fed you sugar water- it’s call Placebo Effect. But, don’t believe me read what REAL SCIENTISTS AND DOCTORS SAY– https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/dec/05/detox-myth-health-diet-science-ignorance

          • Christina Major says:

            Hi Bob,

            Detoxification has been practiced for over 4,000 years and is well documented as a treatment for various ills in the Eberys Papyrus, The Yellow Emperor’s book: Neijing, and in the multiple writings of Galen. It is well documented in the medical industry, known as chelation therapy, colon repopulation, and orthomolecular therapy.

            The body has many pathways for detoxification that occur daily, urination is one of them and mucus production is another. Waste products can be detected in the urine and blood of people detoxifying. An example of this is ketones in the urine of people losing weight and the associated heavy metals found in blood work. Another documented and researched area is heavy metal detoxification reversing autism. Some forms of autism can be reversed by removing toxins from the body (https://www.tacanow.org/family-resources/chelation-and-autism/). Diabetes is being reversed with sugar detoxes (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2235907/ <-not an article on detox, but the methodology uses the process to combat the addiction). What is a myth is that you can detox once and be done? Detoxification is a slow process that takes time and supervision by a trained professional to do properly. What we present on this website is examples of minor detoxification rituals that people can use to help their body use the natural pathways to the best advantage. There are scams out there, just like in all other areas of medicine and life. There is not one product or juice or system that will remove all of the toxins from your body or suddenly make you healthy. It will not suddenly make your immune system work better or your liver like new. You can't find true studies on detoxification because it is impossible to have the double-blind or placebo side. A true detox is a food, water, exercise, and sleep. People would know they are doing the detox. And currently, there is no profit to be made, so no company is willing to fund a trial study. Healthy people don't buy products, pills, medications, or medical equipment. It's the same reason massage has so little scientific backing: no profit in healthy people. What happens in a real detox is that the body takes wastes and toxins from the body and places them through the natural channels for elimination. The detox removes new toxins from entering and enhances the pathways for elimination. Certain herbs and foods have been found to accelerate this process and are often touted as cures. A detox makes the bodywork like it is supposed to, without junk clogging the pipes. We all can benefit from a detoxification ritual and our entire body will benefit. Although, we have to agree with you that Dr. Oz is a quack and likes to profit off people buying his crap. And as true scientists and doctors here(I have a slue of letters behind my name: ND, MT, Herb, Chem), we think the Guardian is a joke. It's why we don't bother to read it or reference it.

        • Jessica perb says:

          Hey is the sea salt necessary for this diet? The taste is horrible

          • Christina Major says:

            Hey Jessica!

            Thanks for the question!

            We believe the salt is necessary as part of the fast because your body will be eliminating many electrolytes along with the toxins.

            If you do not replenish the salt in your body, you could feel sick, become shaky, or at the extreme, go into shock.

            You do not need to add the salt to your juice, however. You can take bits of it on its own.

            We have to agree with you, it does not taste fabulous. If this really does taste horrible, make sure you measure out the amount you’re adding it. It could be you’re just adding too much.

        • April sims says:

          Can Himalayan pink salt be used instead of sea salt

          • Christina Major says:

            Hey, April!

            You can certainly use Himalayan pink salt in order to get your recommended dose of salt in your drink.

            We recommend sea salt because the more exotic types of salts are not available to every person.

            The main point of using sea salt is to make sure you’re getting trace nutrients and avoiding the chemicals that are in common table salt.

            You achieve both of those with using the Himalayan salts.

        • Serah says:

          I will be starting my 10days tomorrow, but I don’t Ave sea salt, but I Ave the remaining things

          • Christina Major says:

            Hey Serah!

            Congrats and good luck on your detox.

            If you don’t have pure sea salt, any salt will do in a pinch.

            The sea salt will add vital nutrients that your body needs.

            You won’t get as many benefits out of the detox without the sea salt, but it will still be beneficial to you.

        • Katie says:

          What foods are recommended following the fast to ease back into eating regularly?

          • Christina Major says:

            Hey Katie!

            This is a really good question. After you finish the fast, your digestive system is typically quiet and sensitive. Sticking to a lot of fruits and vegetables and foods that have not been processed at all are your best bet. Go slow and eat less than you think you need.

        • Keana says:

          I just started the lemon detox diet that’s above today I have only been through almost half of the lemonade that I am supposed to consume in one day and I just threw up like when I had alcohol poisoning years ago granted I only threw up once I feel I may have to throw up one more time is this normal can I continue the diet is it safe

          • Christina Major says:

            Hey Keana!

            This is a good question. Yes, this diet is safe and nutritionally sound when done correctly. However, not everyone might be healthy enough to go through it. If you’re not used to the large volume of water that needs to be ingested during this detox, your body may reject it, just like you experienced. We recommend returning to eat as you usually do for several days before attempting a modified version of this detox. You can replace all of the fluids you drink during the day with the lemon water and continue to eat normally. That way you’re not overwhelming your system. Over time, as you get used to the increase in water and become healthier, you’ll be able to do the full detox.

        • Tiffany says:

          R we to drink the sea salt water every morning having slight headache what can i do

          • Christina Major says:

            Hey Tiffany!

            This is an interesting question. During fasting detoxes, a slight headache is typical as the body is expelling toxins. It could also be a withdrawal from caffeine or sugars. The salt is necessary to replace the electrolytes lost during regular metabolic processes and through sweating. Without these metabolites, you could become very sick very fast. If you continue to react, we recommend cutting the fast short and returning to a standard diet. After a few weeks, you can retry the fast and see if your body reacts better.

            Hope it helps!

        • Dennis says:

          Is the salt water mixture only for the first morning? Or do you have to drink the saltwater thru the whole 10 day?


          • Christina Major says:

            Hey Dennis!

            The water is for the whole day. Your body needs electrolytes, which is supplied by the salt water. By consuming small amounts throughout the day, you’re able to keep fluids in your system, your electrolytes table, and your kidneys continuously flushing out toxins.

        • Khayrie says:

          Thank you for sharing this! I really love lemon and what I do is that I add a little bit of honey and that’s it! I will certainly tell my mom and sister about this 10 day lemon detox to lose weight and we will also do some exercises to surely lose weight. Great read!

          • Dima Stukota says:

            Hey, Khayrie!

            Good luck to you and your mom and sister with this lemon diet. It’s not an easy diet. I recommend you to make a blood test before this diet to be be sure that all your body vitamin levels are optimal and you don’t have signs of deficiency.

        • >