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I thought it would be a good idea to collect all the products, tools and informational resources I recommend in one place. This way you can have an easy access to things I find the most useful or helpful. Hope this page will help you. If you have a specific tool, device, resource or anything that you believe can benefit other readers please share it with me using the contact form or through iFocusHealth facebook page

The Essential Tools:


Masticating Juicer - Juice everything while keeping most of the nutrients

The main purpose of a juicer is to transform your fresh veggies and fruits into a delicious liquid drink while preserving the most amount of nutrients. Omega VRT350HD juicer will help you do exactly that. It is a  powerful, high-quality juicer that will enable you to really enjoy your juicing experience.

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Citrus Juicer - The fastest and easiest way to handle citrus fruits

You don't really need any other juicers once you have a good masticating juicer like Omega VRT. You might, however, find it convenient to have a simple electric juicer just for making citrus juices.  With this one, you don't have to peel your citrus fruits. That really speeds up the process of making lemon, orange or grapefruit juices. This juicer  is affordable, easy to use and easy to clean.

For more information about citrus juicers you can read the Citrus Juicer Buying Guide

Blender -  Is there a reason to give up on smoothies?

Juices vs. smoothies - which drink is healthier? You probably heard many people argue about this popular topic. The truth is that both juicing and blending are great ways to enrich your diet with nutrients. Each method offers its own benefits. There is no reason to only stick to one of them.  All you need is a good blender that will enable you to get a smooth texture out for various ingredients. 

For more information about juicing vs blending please read the following article:

Keeping Your Produce Fresh

Produce Keeper

Keeping produce fresh can sometimes be a real challenge. Progressive veggie keepers offer a smart solution that not only keeps your fruits and veggies fresh for a longer time, but those also allow you to wash the produce prior to storing. That saves lots of valuable prep time since the produce is always ready for juicing.  

Reusable Produce Bags for Shopping and Storage

This one is an environment-friendly solution that will help you lower the amount of waste you produce. These washable mesh bags are a great alternative for the plastic bags most of us use when buying fresh produce at the grocery store. Those bags can be used when we are at the store and for storing fruits and veggies in the fridge as well. The bags keep the produce fresh for a longer time than regular plastic bags (however, air tight containers * or smart veggie keepers * might do a better job at keeping the produce fresh). 

O3 Pure Deodorizer

If you ever thought about creating a cleaner refrigerator environment, then this device is for you. O3 pure deodorizer works by utilizing ozone generation to eliminate ethylene gas from the refrigerator environment and by that combat the bacteria that spoils the stored products. The result: fruits and veggies stay fresh for longer time.

Keeping Your Juice Fresh

To get the most nutrients out a fresh juice it is best to drink it shortly after it was prepared. But sometimes life gets in the way and that is simply impossible. If you have no choice but store the juice for later, glass container would be the best choice. Glass is preferred due to it not releasing any harmful chemicals into your  juice. It is also  better at preserving the original taste and smell of the juice. Having a set of glass containers will enable you to take your daily juices anywhere. Here are some good options: 

Set of glass bottles - 16oz

juicing bottles set

A set of six glass bottles with O-rings for a water-tight seal. Standard size, easy to fit anywhere. Great for taking your daily juices with you.

Set of Mason jars -16oz

mason jars for juice storing

Mason jars are made of glass and have a screw on lids which help to keep the air away. Good for in refrigerator storage and for taking them with you.

Cleaning Your Produce

Fruits and Vegetables Washing System

Cleaning the produce thorough enough to remove all the possible pesticides might be a difficult task. This washing system can make this procedure way easier and more effective. It does not require any kind of chemicals and uses oxygen bubbles for cleaning. It is simple to use and does not require any maintenance.

Nice to Have - Kitchen Gadgets that Can Make the Preparation Work Easier

Cleaning and preparing the produce is what takes the most amount of time when juicing. Having tools and gadgets that can ease some of the tasks involved in this process can improve your overall juicing experience. Here are some gadgets that can do exactly that:

Electric Peeler

Apple Corer/Slicer

Strawberry Huller

Cherry-stone Remover

Pineapple Corer/Peeler/Slicer

Citrus Peeler

Digital Tools:

Online Tools

juice recipe builder

Juice Recipe Builder & Nutrition Calculator

This is an online tool provided by juicerecipes.com. It can be really helpful for those interested in the nutritional benefits of juicing. With the help of this tool, you can build your own recipes and on the way find out which vitamins and minerals it is rich in. In addition, the tool also shows all the other nutritional info like fats, sodium and the percentage of vegetables vs fruits in your juice. 

Informational Resources:

Ingredient Benefits

The ingredients you use in your juice affect not only its taste but also its nutritional value. Each ingredient offers different health benefits and may have its own side effects. Below is a list with a thorough overview of some of the popular juicing ingredients.

Natural Remedies

Juicing can help manage various health conditions:

Weight Loss

Many of us are struggling with overweight and obesity. It is truly difficult to make the appropriate changes in our life to lose and sustain a healthy weight. There are various diets that promise instant results, but most of them don't really deliver.

Here are reviews of popular diets and cleanses we have on our website. Not all of the diets are recommended but if you chose to go that path it is better you know what you are getting yourself into.

Diet Reviews:

Usually, a serious lifestyle change is needed to sustain a healthy weight. Incorporating juicing in our daily routine can have a great impact on our weight management. Here are some recipes that can help you do that.

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