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3 Day Juice Cleanses Review: Which One Is the Best?

There are many 3-day cleanses on the market. Everything from juices to foods to herbs to water have been sold and tried. Some work, some are fantasy. Which one will work for you? Is one better than another? How do you know?

3 day juice cleanse review

What Is a Juice Cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a specific, short-term diet. You drink only juice for 3 days and then eat only healthy foods after. Your digestive system has a chance to rest and recovery from the daily grind on normal foods.

The 3-day juice cleanse has many benefits: weight loss, energy, detoxification, mental reset, and many more. What you experience during a juice cleanse depends on you and the type of the cleanse.

How To Do A 3- Day Juice Cleanse Safely

Knowing how to recognize a healthy, safe, and effective 3-day juice cleanse is a bit more difficult. Normally, a person will work with their doctor or nutritionist to undergo their first cleanse. We strongly recommend you do this.

The cleanse you choose needs to be set up by a person who knows nutrition and the human body. The first step to see if a cleanse will work well for you is to learn who designed it.

Many cleanses are produced by chefs and taste really good. But they lack proper nutrition and could cause headaches, digestive upset, and worse.

Seek out cleanses that have a nutritionist or other health professional as one of the designers. This way, you know there is a reason certain foods were placed with other.

Of course, you will find out there that some people believe that 3 days isn't long enough to get side effects or detox. If a plan is put together by a professional, it works.

3-Day Juice Cleanse Plan

Your plan should not just consist of the juice. That would be like trying to pop a couple of pills and expecting a miracle. Each juicing plan should also come with a 3-day cleanse diet plan for before and after the juicing.

Before you juice, your plan should start taking out processed foods and harder to digest foods like nuts, meats, and grains. This helps you clear out some of your system, to get ready for the juices.

After your fast, your diet plan should focus on lots of fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and healthy foods. If you add back in the foods that caused problems in the first place, the cleanse would be pointless. Avoid processed foods, heavy meats, and preservatives and chemicals.

juice cleanse plan infographic

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Weight Loss on a 3-Day Juice Cleanse

The big question is not if you will lose weight, but how much. 95% of all people who do a 3-day juice cleanse lose weight. If you are in that small percentage that do not lose weight, you may have been dehydrated prior. Now, with the additional waters you are getting from the juice, your body rehydrated, even though you might have lost in other places.

The vast majority of people lose weight. It’s not much: 2-5 pounds is normal.

The 3-Day juice cleanse Dr Oz talked about helped people lose weight through getting rid of wastes in your digestive system. Other professionals talk about the body flushing the liver free of excess fats and sugars so your body can eliminate them.

The final weight loss is a bit of an oddity compared to what I said earlier: water weight loss. Yes, by drinking more, you might lose water weight. You actually flush old, stale water from your body to replace it with fresh water. This also helps flush out fats and sugars. The inflammation in your joints and muscles goes down and your body just doesn't need to hold on.

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Other Results from a 3-Day Juice Cleanse

Many people see their swelling go down. You have removed a source of irritation from your body. Therefore, you no longer need the symptom. This is another case of solving the problem before seeking out medications.

Once the swelling goes down, you can keep it like that by slowly introducing foods and seeing if or when the swelling comes back. If you are following a 3-day juice cleanse menu produced by a health professional, foods will be reintroduced slowly so you know which ones are causing problems.

And it might not just be swelling. Eczema, rashes, arthritis pain, dry skin, oily skin, and itching may decrease. You just removed the cause.

For most people, even though they are a bit hungry, they feel more energized. It’s the combination of more water, less irritation, and good nutrition. Use that energy well and have fun exercising!

Then again, some people experience all of these worse or for the first time during a cleanse. Many people detox while on a juice cleanse of any length. The body gets rid of the toxins fast and by any means necessary. With the skin being the largest elimination organ we have, it’s usually the first to show signs. Most commonly, you see flaky skin or mucus discharge.

The problems go away after the cleanse is over. If these persist, see your doctor.

Suja Juice 3-Day Cleanse Example

One of the companies we found has a good system is Suja Juice. They have a commitment to quality and organic produce. Their founders include a health coach and raw-foods chef.

suja juice 3 day cleanse review

They have a 3-day juice cleanse * with special green juices *. Their juices are tasty and produced with cold press technology, which preserves nutrients, tastes, and quality. They also have a recipe book and instructions * for eating foods before and after the cleanse. Hundreds of people have good things to say about cleanse.

3-Day Juice Cleanse Recipes

If you choose to do a cleanse, be sure you get a 3-day juice cleanse menu to follow before and after. It’s a sign of quality that they are provided.

Here are a few recipes to try on your own to see if this is right for you:

Green Juice

cold press juice recipe

½ cup each of celery, kale, parsley leaves, 1 green apple and one thick slice each of lime, lemon, and ginger

Spicy Red

cold press juice recipe

1 cup of strawberries 1 cup of raspberries, ½ cup of spinach or red kale, 1 small chili pepper

Orange Blast

cold press orange juice recipe

½ cup each of orange, mango, pineapple, white raspberries, ½ medium cooked sweet potato, and 1 thick slice of ginger

For more recipes you can visit this article here

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About the Author: Christina Major is a Holistic Nutritionist, Traditional Naturopath, and Herbalist. She has a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and an advanced degree in Traditional Naturopathy. Further certifications in herbalism and metabolic typing. She owns and operates Crystal Holistic Health Consulting based in PA, the USA since 2010.

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