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Parasite Cleanse: How to Do It the Right Way

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According to the US Centers for Disease Control, 85% of all people have at least one parasite. As many as 50% of the population has two or more parasites.

And if you think you’re not one of these people, just because you live in a better area, think again.

parasite cleanse guide

The prevalence of parasitic infection has been growing. As people are able to move into new areas and they take clothing, materials, and other objects with them, the risk of various parasites increases.

A parasite is an organism that lives in or on another organism, its host, and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense. Parasites range from the submicroscopic viruses, like malaria, all the way up to monster parasites, like 3 foot long tapeworms and insects the size of your thumb. Some of the most common parasitic organisms we see are mosquitoes, lice, and intestinal worms.

And here’s the number that may scare you: scientists estimate 50% of all species on this planet are parasites. To put that into number form, 4,300,000 species on Earth are parasites.

And let’s scare you one more time: “In the best-studied taxa, an average mammalian host species appears to harbor two cestodes, two trematodes, and four nematodes, and an acanthocephalan is found in every fourth mammalian species examined.” Dobson, A., K.D. Lafferty, A. Kuris, R. Hechinger, and W. Jetz. 2008. Homage to Linnaeus: How many parasites? How many hosts?

But it isn’t all bad. While there are so many species that are parasites, we actually need most them to survive. Many of the parasites help clear toxins, break down pollution, and clean up the carcasses of dead animals. Many parasites help reduce plant matter into available nutrients for new plants. And there are many parasites that will attack insects and other parasites that we humans consider pests.

bacteria in our body

In fact, our gut bacteria is beneficial to us, but are technically considered parasites. Our gut bacteria can help clear out toxins, produce vitamin, and help make us healthy.

What is a Parasite Cleanse?

When we do a parasitic cleanse, we are actually targeting of very tiny percentage of the bacteria and other organisms that naturally live on our skin and in our gut. We are removing the ones that cause us harm. That means, that we cannot just arbitrarily destroy everything within our bodies. Even the best organic parasite cleanse will still destroy the bacteria we need to survive.

Doing a correct parasite cleanse will target the specific bacteria, worms, yeasts, or viruses we want to remove. There is no such thing as a general parasite cleanse. Anyone who tries to sell you something that kills everything or only gets rid of the bad stuff is selling you a snake oil.

Why do a Parasite Cleanse?

Many people have parasites that cause them harm. These can be simple things, like pinworms in children, all the way up to heartworms in dogs, tapeworms in cats, or flatworms in people.

For most people, when you do a parasite cleanse, you’re actually getting rid of the worms in your system. This is what we’re going to be focusing on in this article. Parasitic infections that involve yeast, viruses, or invasive bacteria need to be treated by medical professionals, as the risk of toxic waste products and sudden death are high probabilities.

How Does a Parasite Cleanse Work?

Various cleanses work in different ways, but the majority of them work by creating an environment that causes the worms to be expelled from the body without actually harming the body. Generally, we introduce low-grade poisons into the food supply.

So, that brings up the question: are parasite cleanses safe? When done properly, parasite cleanses are safe. However, there are some charlatans out there that sell tips and advice that are very dangerous for people.

You also need to take into consideration the size of the person doing the cleanse, the age of the person, and the health of the person. The very young, the very old, and those who are not in decent health should not do parasite cleanses.

Weight Loss Parasite Cleanse

One of the ridiculous fads going around is to do a parasite cleanse to lose weight. You cannot do a parasite cleanse to lose weight. By definition, a parasite removes nutrients from the body, which will cause a person to lose weight.

One of the ways a parasite cleanse can help with weight loss is by re-balancing the gut bacteria. By removing worms and harmful bacteria, you will allow the good bacteria in your gut to repopulate. This, in turn, will help you to process nutrients better and reduce the amount of food you desire to eat. With the reduction in the food, comes a reduction in weight.

How Long Does a Parasite Cleanse Take?

Various cleanses take different times. It can take as little as 12 to 16 hours, one digestive cycle, or it can take several weeks. The information we have here, generally takes a little bit longer, but medications can take much less time.

Parasite Cleanse Side Effects

We do recommend you work with a nutritionist before you do a parasitic cleanse. The reason for this is that there are many side effects that come with removing anything harmful from the body.

One of the biggest side effects is the release of toxins caused by the death of bacteria and worms. When an organism dies, it releases certain chemicals that help break down the tissue and attract scavengers. It has been well documented in the medical community that large gut bacteria die off can actually cause enough toxins to kill a person.

Outdated hookworm cleansing kits have been known to cause lacerations and even puncture wounds within the gut. Removing worms from the body is a delicate process.

Mass die-offs of parasitic worms in the gut have the possibility of creating intestinal blockages within the lower intestine. This can cause all types of issues from discomfort to intestinal rupture to death.

The very least of the side effects end up being discomfort and mild illnesses at the sudden change in the body.

Who Should Not Do a Parasite Cleanse

Parasite Cleanse for Children

Because children tend to have more parasites and a system that processes medications and toxins much faster, children should not do a parasite cleanse unless under the supervision of a medical professional. In as little as two hours, a child could have a toxic buildup of waste products that could prove fatal.

Parasite Cleanse for the Elderly

In people who are older, their systems are not able to handle changes as well. Fast cleanses could prove harmful. It is recommended that the elderly be under the supervision of a medical professional and that any cleanse is done slowly.

Immunocompromised People

People who have immune systems that are either overactive or underactive should not undertake a cleanse without a medical professional. As the bacteria and worms die off, the products of their death can cause the immune system to change. For people with immune issues, this could prove highly detrimental.

What are the Signs that You Have a Parasite?

Several side effects of having a parasite are actually very common and attributed to other things. Most people just dismiss the signs of having a parasite as having a cold or getting older.

Can you see a parasite in your stool? Sometimes. There are a few types of worms that can become visible in a stool sample. But, most often the parasite remain in the digestive system and it’s only their eggs or segments that emerged in the stool, most of which are microscopic. That’s why most doctors will request a stool sample for children and send it to the lab for analysis.

These are typical signs of a parasitic infection:

  • Fatigue
  • Bloating
  • ​General irritability
  • ​Constant, low-grade illness
  • Alternating constipation and diarrhea

But, we want you to know that these are also signs of many other illnesses. You should consult a medical professional to be certain of the issue you are facing.

Digestive Parasite Symptoms

Stomach Parasite & Intestinal Parasite

The stomach and upper intestines are actually very inhospitable places for any kind of living organism. The whole basis of the stomach and upper digestive system is to break down things that come into it. Stomach acid is extremely acidic and only a handful of living things can survive those conditions. And the intestine is the same, just in an opposite way. It is a very basic condition and only a few organisms can survive it.

The H pylori bacteria is one of those parasites that can survive in the stomach and it causes stomach ulcers. Giardia is another that can survive for a short time.

Lower Bowel Parasite

It is here in the lower bowel that most parasites thrive. It is a fairly neutral condition, with plenty of nutrients and liquids. It is a very warm and spacious place. Most of the worms that people have occur in the lower small intestine to the upper large intestine.

Blood Parasite Symptoms

Nearly all parasites of the blood are microscopic. They come in the form of tiny worms, bacteria, and viruses. Some of them are contracted through the food we eat, moving from our digestive system into our blood. Many of them, however, come from insects. Malaria, Lyme, and Rocky Mountain fever are all parasites that thrive in the blood.

Candida Parasite

The candida yeast is not exactly a parasite, but a symbiotic organism that occurs within our digestive system. However, it can become out of control and take over the body in uncomfortable ways. We cannot eliminate the candida all together because it is a necessary component of our gut bacteria. What we can do is control it and make sure it does not spread to where it should not be.

Many forms of skin problems and mouth problems actually come from the candida yeast. Things like eczema, dry red skin, and gum disease have all been linked to this yeast.

Skin Parasite

Most people are familiar with ringworm, but there are many other types of skin parasites. They can occur in all types of people and can be picked up just about anywhere. Fortunately, they are easily cured and with a little bit of caution, can be avoided.

Hair Parasites

Fleas, lice, and ticks are all common hair parasites. They are highly transmittable and often occur in clusters. There are also many other parasites that occur within the hair, both on the heads of people, the bodies of animals, and the sparse hair of our bodies. Fortunately, for those of us with access to regular bathing facilities, most hair parasites get washed right down the drain before they become a problem.

Medicinal Parasite Treatments

For nearly every parasite out there, there is a medicinal treatment for it. Many of the treatments are harsh, and can also destroy the gut bacteria within our bodies. However, because they are administered by medical personnel, there is a good history of their use and side effects. Many of the treatments are also monitored by the medical personnel, so any problems, like the side effects we mentioned earlier, can be remedied right away.

We recommend that anyone who believe they have a parasite consult a medical professional before trying any treatment or cleanse. Talk with the medical professionals about doing a cleanse first, and then using the medicinal treatment if it doesn’t work.

Natural Remedies for Parasites

Parasite Juice Cleanse

Remember what we said before, that no one claims is going to get rid of all the parasites. But, everything that we go over here because the way to nourish the body and help reduce the number of parasites you have within it. Also, none of these are fast, so you will need to have patience in order to see appreciable change.

Carrot Juice

does carrot juice kill parasites

Carrot juice * is wonderful and can do a lot of things for your body. But, carrots themselves are not an anti-parasitic agent. Rather, it is the vitamin A * within the carrots that does all the work. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant and works very well and our bodies to help remove harmful substances.

While beta-carotene is wonderful for our eyes and building structure, it’s the other forms of the carotenoids that work very well to destroy the parasites. We need the full gamut of the 8 different types of carotenoids in order to truly get rid of parasites.

Visit this article to read all about the benefits of carrots and to get some wonderful recipes.

Oh, and since it’s the vitamin A we’re after, not just the carrot, you could use all sorts of yellow or orange vegetables, like the sweet potato, in order to get the benefits.

Aloe Vera Juice for Parasites

does aloe vera juice kill parasites

Aloe Vera * can be hit-or-miss when it comes to parasites. Yes, it does have an anti-parasitic component to it, but, in the quantities that you need to truly get rid of the worms and parasites, it causes severe diarrhea and possible dehydration. This is one of the herbs that you really want to work with a herbalist or nutritionist in order to get rid of any parasite.

We have more information on the aloe vera in this article.

Lemon Juice for Parasites

does lemon juice kill parasites

If you ever put lemon juice * on a cut, you know that it stings very well and can help reduce any kind of bacterial infection. In fact, it works very well for that. Lemon juice can do the same for your gut.

Simply adding lemon juice to your water will help reduce the number of parasites you have within the body. It’s not a fast or powerful cleanser, but it can help keep balance within your body. One of the ways it does that is to help your stomach produce stomach acid and keep the proper pH balance. We actually want our bodies to be a little bit more acidic because it helps reduce the parasite and encourages homeostasis.

Just adding lemon juice is not going to kill all parasites because many of the beneficial qualities are eliminated in the upper intestine. It does work very well against the H.pylori bacteria that causes ulcers.

Pineapple Parasite Cleanse

does pineapple juice kill parasites

Pineapples are wonderful foods and have great healing benefits. One of the best benefits is that it can help reduce pain and inflammation. The bromelain in it is a very powerful anti-inflammatory.

But parasitic cleansing? Not so much. Pineapple * has the strong acid and it helps encourage the body to remove any toxic build up, but it’s not going to work specifically against any parasite.

Parasite Cleanse Diets

Garlic Parasite Cleanse

does garlic kill parasites

Garlic as a wonderful addition to any meal and very powerful to put in your diet. For your heart, there are very few foods that do better. In fact, one of the blood cleansers that were used before modern medicine was garlic.

For many health reasons, eating a couple of cloves of garlic per day can increase your health. It does this in many facets, including help destroy parasites.

We just want to caution you not to go above a couple of cloves per day. Aside from stinking like garlic, you can actually overwhelm your system and cause negative heart effects, including arrhythmia, by taking too much garlic.

Also, stick to regular garlic *. Garlic supplements have not shown the same anti-parasitic properties as a whole clove of garlic. Sorry, you’re not going to get around the smell.

Pumpkin Seed Parasite Cleanse

does pumpkin seeds kill parasites

Not only do pumpkin seeds * make great snacks, but they are packed with nutrition, especially for men. One of the things about pumpkin seeds is that it really helps increase the health and balance of testosterone within the male body. Women get the same effect, but not nearly as strong as men.

In the gut, pumpkin seeds are one of those foods that can help scrape out built up materials and help remove worms and parasites. Several of the components within the pumpkin seed have slight anti-parasitic properties, but it is more the fibers that help remove the parasites.

We just don’t want you to overwhelm yourself with pumpkin seeds. Stick to no more than half a cup of seeds per day. Being high in select amounts of fats, you can actually affect your fat balance and carb intake if you focus too much on eating pumpkin seeds.

Papaya Seeds Parasite Cleanse

do papaya seeds kill parasites

We are not a fan of using papaya seeds for parasite cleanse. For one, the majority of the research has not been done on the seeds themselves, but on the extract. Secondly, the amount of seeds required for a cleanse is more than what most people can tolerate. Upwards of 1 cup to a cup and a half of seeds are required daily, first thing in the morning, and on an empty stomach. For many people, this causes severe digestive distress and has been known to hospitalize people.

However, the papaya seed extract * has shown very good results in helping to remove parasites. A 2007 study in Nigerian  showed in just seven days a significant reduction in parasitic symptoms.

If you choose to use papaya seeds * in any form, we recommend doing with the nutritionist or herbalist. Significant side effects have been known to cause people harm.

Black Walnut Parasite Cleanse

The hull of the black walnut is a powerful anti-parasitic agent. But, it has to be used in a very precise way and with very precise timing. This is something you definitely want to visit nutritionist or herbalist to be able to use. The very thing that kills the parasites is also highly toxic to people. We do not recommend using black walnuts * without supervision.

Honey for Parasite Cleanse

does honey kill parasites

Honey * is a natural antibiotic, antifungal, and antiparasitic agent. It works very well for topical applications, but not so much with internal applications. When taken orally, honey works very well on the mouth and in the throat. But, once it hits the stomach, most of the helpful agents are neutralized.

In addition, many of the parasites within our body feed off of sugar. Honey is a very concentrated sugar with other nutrients. This is something that would actually feed lower intestinal parasites rather than removing them.

Coconut Oil for Parasites

does coconut oil kill parasites

Coconut oil * as wonderful for many things, but is not a well-known anti-parasitic agent. What it can do for the body is to help re-balance the total amount of fats within the body and help our bodies to naturally remove any type of foreign invaders. Basically, coconut oil nourishes the body, but it doesn’t remove foreign invaders on its own.

Other Types of Parasite Cleanses

Parasite Cleanse with Apple Cider Vinegar

Just about everything has been attributed to apple cider vinegar. From curing cancer to extending life, it seems that this liquid can do it all. But, scientifically speaking, apple cider vinegar isn’t nearly the Magic Bullet we think it is.

When it comes to destroying parasites, apple cider vinegar works very well with direct application. When you take it internally, it has to go through your digestive system, and the apple cider vinegar doesn’t interact with the parasites.

What it does is it helps balance your digestive system and encourage good bacteria to flourish. When you choose apple cider vinegar with the mother, you introduce many probiotics. Essentially, you are reducing the amount of nutrients available for the parasites and encouraging good healthy growth. The good healthy growth pushes out the negative growth.

In addition, the apple cider vinegar helps acidify your system which makes the whole environment less hospitable for parasites. Apple cider vinegar * should be a component of a healthy diet, not a medicine to fix a problem.

Parasite Cleanse with Oil of Oregano

does oregano oil kill parasites

There are two types of oil of oregano: the first one is the essential oil derived from the oregano plant and the second is oregano infused oil.

The essential oil of oregano * is a very strong all-around antimicrobial. With a direct application, it will kill most parasites on contact. Here’s the problem: ingesting the essential oil of oregano is highly toxic. It can cause burns, destruction of the mucous membranes, and completely upset your total digestive system. Never take the essential oil of oregano internally.

The direct sales companies that promoted the using oil of oregano to be taken internally are currently being prosecuted for false advertising and negligence leading to bodily harm.

Oregano infused oil * is simply standard olive oil that has had oregano steeped in it. This is a very good flavoring for salads and other dishes. It is not toxic and that can be used liberally. However, it has little anti-parasitic value.

Parasite Cleanse with Epsom Salt

does epsom salt kill parasites

Epsom salt *, or magnesium sulfate, is an exceptionally good laxative. It helps flush everything out of your digestive system. This includes the good and the bad. In minute quantities, that also is a good magnesium supplement.

We don’t recommend the use of Epsom salt to help remove parasites. The quantities required and the length of time you would need to take Epsom salt can cause dehydration and malnutrition.

Parasite Cleanse with Grapefruit Seed Extract

Currently, there are no good human studies to show grapefruit seed extract works. The two main components of grapefruit seed extract are limonoids and naringenin. Both of these are powerful antimicrobial agents.

There have been many studies done on grapefruit seed extract, however, the main problem occurs when somebody is taking medication. Grapefruit interacts with many medications, causing serious side effects. While in some cases it works to reduce candida and other parasitic infections, and in other people it causes reaction so severe if they were hospitalized.

We do not recommend using grapefruit seed extract * unless you are under the supervision of a medical professional.

Parasite Cleanse with Castor Oil

does castor oil kill parasites

Castor oil is old time cure for many things. It’s used for clearing out the digestive system, and it does this very well. Castor oil does help reduce worms in the digestive system.

The application is also very simple, a spoonful of castor oil several times a day. Here’s what you can expect. Expect to visit the bathroom many times over the course of a day. Expect cramping. Expect to feel like your digestive system is turning itself inside out. In short order, well it works, it is not pleasant.

You should also clear with your doctor to make sure you are able to use castor oil * to clear out your digestive system.

Parasite Cleanse with Cloves

do cloves kill parasites

Cloves are the wonderful spice that can help clear out many issues. It’s most well-known for helping to reduce the pain of a toothache. It’s not as well-known to clear out parasite infections. But, cloves, especially the oil within the cloves, is very good at reducing parasitic infections.

The simplest way to get the benefits is to chew up several cloves * multiple times a day. We don’t recommend the use of clove oil because it can cause burns. Unless you are working with a herbalist or an aromatherapist, we don’t recommend using the clove oil *.

Parasite Cleanse with Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is the skeletal remains of many small aquatic organisms. It is extremely effective at getting rid of insect pests in the garden and in the house. Many people also use it internally to get rid of parasites and help balance the digestive system.

However, there aren’t many good studies to show that diatomaceous earth is good to take internally at all. Because of the small size and multiple sharp edges, it can cause a lot of damage to your digestive system.

People with sensitive stomachs, any kind of digestive upset, or are taking medications should not use diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth * should not be taken with any other kind of parasitic cleanse.

Enema for Parasites

Several of the medications for parasitic cleanses are done as enemies because the medication will reach the section of the digestive system where the parasites are very quickly and intact. That being said, you do not want to do a home enema without medical supervision. Many of the home remedies, such as coffee and vinegar, can cause serious problems if not done properly. We recommend working with a naturopath or your doctor before trying an enema to get rid of parasites.

Homeopathic Parasite Cleanse

While having a poor reputation in the United States, homeopathic medicines work exceptionally well. We actually do recommend the use of homeopathic parasite cleanses, because of their safe reputation and effectiveness.

You can find any homeopathic remedies * online or even better, talk to a homeopath near you.

Herbal Parasite Cleanse

Wormwood Parasite Cleanse

does wormwood kill parasites

Wormwood is one of the herbs that is most commonly used for getting rid of worms within the digestive system. It is an excellent cleanser of the digestive system. One of the things you do want to watch it that wormwood can be toxic to you. This is one remedy that you should work with a herbalist before trying. You can also find several remedies * online that use wormwood to help get rid of internal parasites.

If you liked our article, please share it and use the comment section below for any questions. Thank You!

About the Author: Christina Major is a Holistic Nutritionist, Traditional Naturopath, and Herbalist. She has a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and an advanced degree in Traditional Naturopathy. Further certifications in herbalism and metabolic typing. She owns and operates Crystal Holistic Health Consulting based in PA, the USA since 2010.

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    Hello, thanks for the article! Do you know how long to stick with this diet? Thank you.

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      All of the recommendations we have above that are good for you can be done indefinitely.

      They are almost all foods and herbs.

      The couple essential oils and homeopathic remedies that we mentioned have specific warnings attached to them.

      Just remember to not overdo any one particular food or herb: even too much healthy food can be harmful to you.

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        Hey FreeSpirit!

        You’re welcome to try any of the remedies that we recommend in this article. The problem with online reviews is very few people who have an adverse reaction get a chance to post about it. Therefore, all you see is the good. Additionally, many of the people who write about herbs and natural cures have no training in health, medicine, herbs, or any field that truly helps a person be healthy. They are just paid to write and have no accountability for being wrong. At least here, we can say we do have that training as a nutritionist, herbalist, and holistic practitioner. Warning people away from hurting themselves is the responsible thing to do.

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      Hey, Conor!

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          Hey Ashley!

          There are a lot of different products on the market that you can use. We recommend talking to an herbalist if you want to use herbal remedies to do a parasite cleanse. They will be able to put together a specific set of supplements and herbs that will work for your individual needs. It will also reduce the number of side effects and potential interactions.

  • Lesly Dutch says:

    I personally was eating 5 large carrots every day, first thing in the morning and I don’t remember how many days into it, I saw white worms, spaghetti shape in my stools which prompted me to look up parasites and carrots, that is how I stumbled on your article. I think you’re being drastic about the toxicity of a lot of the herbs. Castor oil is used as a cleansing in my country every 3 months we do it to get rid of intestinal parasites because we don’t believe you can ever truly be cured of them. Hopefully, you didn’t scare too many people away with the excessive caution. I guess carrots only work on specific parasites. Good health to all.

    • Christina Major says:

      Hey Lesly!

      This is an interesting situation. In higher doses, carrots can cause your body to expel parasites. As the body begins to get healthier and adjust to the carrots, it tries to eliminate anything that is detrimental to its health. Eating whole carrots provides a lot of fiber for your system that can help push out many of the intestinal parasites. If you continue to have a problem, we recommend contacting a doctor. It is possible to eliminate parasites from your digestive system; you’ll have to be careful continuing forward that you avoid foods that might contain more parasites.

  • Noneof says:

    Free spirit & Amy thanks so much for stating what I found to be obvious, yet the ONLY reason I’ve been skeptical of these types of articles, well I won’t get into all that….let me just say MOST people will NOT get the help they need because of these ppl trying to “err on the side of caution” & quincidently the products they get $ off of are the ONLY surefire safe remedies, right?! I’ll call BS right now & a good way to spot fluff pieces (or worse outright charlotins) is when you read them say: you could easily DIE from the use of these NATURAL tried & TRUE remedies!! They are not only, NOT helpful they insult the intelligence of just about any person unless they have some kind of “training” most people that tout the “these oils may burn you” concept, at least go on to say “one can safely use such oils with a carrier oil such as coconut oil” but nope not in this article. Yet we are expected to believe they give a darn, I say not!!
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