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Can You Get Marijuana Out of Your System by Juicing Detox?

It’s popular, the marijuana detox. Many people try to clean their systems so they can enjoy the effects without handling the consequences.

marijuana detox

The biggest issue with marijuana is that in many places, it is illegal. Until your area legalizes marijuana, you should not be doing it at all, nor should you try to fool the authorities with special pills or detoxes. Nothing in this article should be construed as condoning or recommending marijuana if it is illegal in your area.

In some areas, medical marijuana is legal. It is obtained by a doctor’s prescription. In this case, you don’t want to do a detox at all because you want the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) components in your system. You can’t fail a drug test for marijuana when you are medically supposed to have it.

And, finally, in a few areas, marijuana is legal. There are some jobs that require you to be clean, but if you qualify for those job, why would you risk it all by doing something that doesn’t help you?

Why Do a Marijuana Detox at All?

Most of the time, a marijuana detox is completed to either help people overcome a marijuana addiction or to fool a drug test and we want to help you know what to expect when you detox from marijuana. We are going to assume you are all law abiding citizen and that you are attempting to help yourself or a loved one overcome an addiction rather than try to break the law by attempting to fool a drug test.

Marijuana Withdrawal

marijuana withdrawal symptoms

If you used marijuana just once, you most likely will not experience any withdrawal. But, if you are a chronic user, withdrawal is very likely.

People are affected in different ways with marijuana. Some people only experience slight symptoms, while others experience massive symptoms.

By far, the most common symptom is insomnia. Marijuana tends to dampen the dream reflex, so it can cause your brain chemistry to be upset (again) by the cessation of additional weed. Since the dream reflex is dampened during use, when your brain finally detoxes, your dreams will return and appear more vivid, colorful, and real than before. They aren’t actually more potent, you just became used to them being dampened.

These two main effects usually last for a week to months, depending on your usage.

Other side effects include depression, anger, rapidly changing emotions, unexplained anxiety, repressed sexual drive, headaches, reduced or increased appetite, sweating, unpleasant odor, tremors, and loss of concentration. Most of these will last about 3 months, with some long-term users experiencing these for up to a year.

Fortunately, there are no severe withdrawal symptoms that could require hospitalization for most people. We recommend you talk with your doctor about stopping so they can monitor the withdrawal symptoms. In nearly all areas, doctors are not required to report drug use during a sincere attempt to quit.

Marijuana Effects

Before we go into the actual detox, we want to tell you what marijuana does in your body. You can experience effects of marijuana for up to a year after you stop. Most commonly, 2 to 3 months will have you through the worst of it.

First, you damage your lungs by breathing in the smoke. For people who are using medical marijuana and use the smoke to control asthma or lung cancer, this is still a worry. Coughing up phlegm is common for users as they try to clear the damage. This cough could continue for years after stopping.

You heart will beat faster. For most people, this isn’t a problem. But, if you have any kind of heart issue or blood issue, this could be a problem. When you stop, fatigue often sets in because you became used to the increase in your heart rate.

Your nerves are slowed. Reflex, reaction time, and the ability to form memories are all depressed by the THC in marijuana. This can take months to clear out and many users never recover from the brain damage.

Your immune system is also depressed. Since we rely on the fresh air and good nutrients that marijuana blocks, your ability to fight off colds and flus is depressed.

Of course, it’s not all bad. Current research is showing that medical marijuana is helping many people.

medical marijuana benefits

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For those with cancer, THC has the ability to block tumor growth with nearly no side effects, unlike chemotherapy. It also helps people reduce pain, and can stimulate the immune system for these people.

In people with chronic pain, medical marijuana can help reduce pain and increase a sense of well-being.

THC is doing wonders for aiding people with glaucoma by reducing the pressure in the eyes.

For people with eating disorders, medical marijuana is being tested to help increase the appetite without making a person feel as if they are overindulging.

Finally, medical marijuana is being tested in those who are mildly to moderately depressed. Researchers believe that the mild effects of medical marijuana is preferable to harsher medications used today.

Just a note: if you experience any of these, do not self-medicate. Visit your doctor and obtain a legal prescription.

Marijuana Testing

Most marijuana testing relies on testing for the metabolites of THC in urine. This is a very simple test that gives results right away. It’s also a highly sensitive test with specific test ranges.

Current standardized testing can detect trace levels of marijuana for 5 days after a single marijuana use and up to 90 days with daily use. If this test comes back inconclusive, a second test may be required that can detect the waste products up to 30 day past a single use.

Since marijuana, the THC specifically is stored in fat, a juicing diet will not remove the fats stored traces. It only will remove the easily accessible liver stored traces. Once the liver traces are removed, the body will start removing the THC from fat storage, thus increasing the chances of failing a urine test for marijuana.

One of the most common ways to try to fool the test is to drink lots of water or juice prior to the test. The hope is to dilute the metabolites enough to get outside the range of testing. This will cause the urine to dilute and produce tell-tale markers, triggering testing that can detect marijuana up to 180 days past a single use. Hair testing can detect marijuana use for years, depending on the length of your hair. Oh, and recently cut hair is a sign to authorities that you are trying to hide something.

cannabis detection infographic

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Most tests also co-test for creatine and B vitamins, which are often used to cover diluted urine by changing the color. A positive result for either of these in the urine, beyond normal biological levels, will trigger a fail.

Sweating, another popular myth, actually increases the amount of THC in the blood, increasing detection levels. Sweating is not an acceptable or recommended way to remove THC. In fact, an increase in sweating, through teas or exercise, may help the THC move through the blood-brain barrier, increasing the toxic load of the brain. The waste products are also detectable in urine tests.

Science has gotten better at being able to understand what is happening in the body. Drug and alcohol test has become much more sophisticated in the past 20 years since these popular myths first started floating around.

The typical lower level range of detection for a marijuana urine test is 50ng/ml. This is about 200,000 times lower than what you would find in a single joint. It’s the reason you can’t detox out marijuana.

And Now: The Detox

Like we said before, we’re going to assume your detoxing to become an upstanding member of society, not to commit a crime by fooling a drug test. And I think as we showed before, you can’t fool the drug test.

When you detox from weed, you want to control the symptoms. Very little of what you do will actually increase the rate at which your body can remove the marijuana. The best you can hope for is to speed up your detox to avoid side effects.

Any company that tries to sell you supplements, marijuana detox kits, or detox drinks are scamming you.

One question we see often is about pregnancy and detoxing. When you are pregnant, anything that goes in your body goes into the baby’s body. This goes for marijuana and the detox. If you are pregnant, stop using marijuana.

Also, don’t just jump into a detox. This can cause serious health problems for the baby. You are required to have a doctor’s aid when detoxing because of serious and fatal consequences. A marijuana detox when pregnant is too risky to do on your own.

THC Detox

THC is a fat soluble molecule. You can’t clear it out of your system with juices or teas. It takes time to leech it out of your fat cells, then the juice and teas can clean it up. This can take 3-12 months.

So, if you’re going to do a juice fast for marijuana detox, be prepared to keep at it for months.

There is nothing that will specifically cleanse marijuana from your system. Only your body can do that. But, there are ways to decrease the withdrawal symptoms and help your system recover faster.

lemon juice marijuana detox

Lemon juice is promoted as a marijuana detox. It helps your system, acidifies your urine, and helps promote good digestion. It’s easy and tasty to use lemon juice as part of your detox regimen. Just take 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and mix it into 16 oz of water. Drink this over the course of 2 hours. You can repeat this as often necessary, with most people refilling their water 7-8 times per day.

Lemon juice in water will help your digestive system and hydrate your body. As your hydration increases, your kidneys work better, as does your liver. Then, you will be able to filter out the wastes from the marijuana.

Additional hydration also tempers your moods, eating habits, headaches, and body pain.

Does Cranberry Juice Help Detox Marijuana?

cranberry juice marijuana detox

By itself, cranberry juice doesn’t help you detox marijuana. What it does help with is to keep your kidneys working well and avoiding damage. This detox drink works by increasing the amount of urine produced, which means you need to drink much more liquid while you use cranberry juice.

The juice also decreases the pH of your urine, making it less like to cause kidney stones, have infections, or smell poorly.

Researchers recommend no more than 8oz of cranberry juice per day. After this amount, you run the risk of dehydration and sugar issues. Diabetics are not recommended to use cranberry juice.

The Pickle Juice Marijuana Detox

pickle juice marijuana detox

This one made me laugh the most. Not only are you supposed to drink gallons of pickle juice, but it’s supposed to magically make all your numbers perfect.

It’s a fairy tale. Pickle juice does nothing for marijuana detox.

Rather than getting weed out of your system with the pickle juice, you’re adding in lots of toxins. That’s because commercial pickle juice no longer has the healthy components that old-style pickle juice has. Salts, vinegar, and seasonings have been replaced by acetic acid chemicals, artificial flavors, and artificial colors. None of these will help your body. In fact, they could delay the detox as your liver attempts to clear out the higher order toxins, leaving the THC to wreak havoc in your brain and body.

That doesn’t even touch the fact that drinking that much vinegar is toxic. A few sips here and there may help your digestive system if you use a natural, homemade mix (the commercial stuff is just bad, don’t use it). However, drinking more than a pint’s (500 ml) worth could cause gastric distress and acetic poisoning.

It also will trigger urine tests to give a false positive. So, enjoy homemade and natural pickles, even a few sips of the juice. Just avoid drinking lots of it and don’t use it to detox.

Wheatgrass Marijuana Detox

wheatgrass marijuana detox

Wheat grass has become popular as a detox drink. However, nutritionists are concerned with the levels of toxins that are naturally present and the surprising lack of nutrients found in wheat grass.

The thing that makes wheat grass so popular is that it tastes good and has lots of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has been used to help reduce pain, cancer risk, and remove toxins. Chlorophyll itself if a healthy nutrient.

Wheat grass has lots of chlorophyll. So does broccoli, kale, spinach, and all other green vegetables. What’s more, all other green vegetables have more nutrients than wheatgrass.

As for whether it helps marijuana detoxing or not, we say not. There is no research on whether it truly does help or not. Since THC and the wastes are mostly fat based, and wheat grass is based on water, there should be little mixing of the two. Wheatgrass isn’t going to make things better, but they won’t make it worse.

Until you drink too much. Drinking more than 1 serving of any green leafy vegetable per day places you at risk of oxalic acid poisoning, vitamin K poisoning, and general nutritional deficiencies. It could cause your skin to take on a green hue, cause pain, constipation, and iron issues.

Green Tea Helping Detox

green tea marijuana detox

This is one we support. Green tea is a wonderful part of a detox regimen. It has been shown in several studies to help the liver and kidneys remain healthy and active while flushing out an increased amount of toxins.

The standard dosage is 3 8oz cups per day. Researchers have been quick to point out that more than this provides no benefits. Chinese medicine often uses more cups per day, however, their standard size cup is only 3 to 4 oz. Thus, the typical recommendation of 6 cups of tea in Chinese medicine is equal to the researchers 3 cups.

Green tea may provide added anti-oxidant action. It can help reduce the stress on the body, and help repair damage.

For people using medical marijuana, green tea may provide an additional layer of protection for the body. It can increase your chances of avoiding cancer, pain, and oxidative damage. Unfortunately, there is no research to back up this statement because it has not yet been done on the combination of medical marijuana and green tea.


The best way to get marijuana out of your system is to slowly and methodically clear your body. It also requires that you don’t add in other toxins. Simple recreations, like alcohol, affect marijuana detoxes in a negative way.

marijuana detox blueprint
  • Avoid Marijuana
  • Hydrate
  • ​Sip lemon water all day
  • ​Add in several cups of green tea
  • Use healthy foods, like green leafy vegetables to gain chlorophyll and other nutrients. 

Finally, know that this is a process. There are no shortcuts to detoxing marijuana or any other drug from your system. The more you use the marijuana, the longer it will take to clear from your system. Current testing will discover regular usage and any shortcuts you attempt to try by-pass the system.

Natural marijuana detoxes can be done at home easily and safely. We recommend you talk with your doctor first, and then work on yourself.

If you liked our article, please share it and use the comment section below for any questions. Thank You!

About the Author: Christina Major is a Holistic Nutritionist, Traditional Naturopath, and Herbalist. She has a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and an advanced degree in Traditional Naturopathy. Further certifications in herbalism and metabolic typing. She owns and operates Crystal Holistic Health Consulting based in PA, the USA since 2010.

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  • Mnyama says:

    Juicing can be delicious! You have to know what to add to it to make it palatible.

  • Earline Hankinson says:

    What does lemon juice do?

    • Dima says:

      Hello, Earline!

      Thank you for your question. I will try to make the things clear to you. Lemons contain very high levels of Vitamin C which is a very important electrolyte and also a great way to detox weed naturally. It’s recommended to take a minimum of 2000mg of vitamin C daily during the course of the marijuana detox. Vitamin C helps you build the immune system. A stronger immune system will trap the various toxins in the body and eliminate them. It is best if you get your own fresh lemons from the grocery store as store bought juice will not have the same potency as fresh squeezed lemons.

      Marijuana detox can be done also by drinking a lot of water, as it helps the organism to sweat more to flush the toxin. As a method try to wake up early in the morning and go for morning walk, and then drink either a hot cup of water or lemon juice to cleanse the body especially the digestive system. This way, you can also burn the extra calories and toxins from the body very quickly. Alternatively you can prepare your lemon-water juice by squeezing the lemons and diluting that juice with a small amount of water so you can drink it easily.

      Hope it helps.

  • Jane Brook says:

    I think juicing is a great way to detox marijuana but perhaps not as the sole method. I’d recommend in combination to follow some of the advice Sophie has on http://thcclean.net/ together with these awesome juices.

    • Dima says:

      Hello, Jane!

      Thank you for this great resource. I hope it will benefit our readers and help them know how to detox marijuana by other natural ways than juicing. I like that this resource from somebody experienced who also tried these methods. I agree, our body can be detoxified all by itself, but it requires some time. Sometimes we want to speed things up a little bit especially before a drug test. One of the common ways to detox from weed is to increase the amount of fluids you excrete through urinating and sweating. So you need to drink enough water and natural juices. Citrus and lemon juices are great! Try the classic cranberry juice. Some foods will help you too. Consider foods that are rich in the vitamin niacin such as avocados, tuna and potatoes. Eat tomatoes, melons, bananas, leafy green veggies, drink herbal teas a lot. Exercising is also great way to increase your metabolism and getting sweaty (but not right before your drug test!). Visiting a sauna and sunbathing are great ways to aid perspiration. And finally get enough sleep, and try to relax. A stressed out body does not detox as efficiently as one that is relaxed. Thanks to Sophie Becker for these great tips!

      • Anna says:

        Specific herbal teas? And if it doesn’t matter are there certain ones that increase the THC detox element?

        • Dima says:

          Hello, Anna

          Thank you for your question. Currently, there are no herbal teas that will help falsify a urine test for marijuana. Most herbal teas work on the principle of slowly releasing toxins and supporting the systems that do the detoxing: the kidneys and liver.

          Drinking herbal teas, even the popular green teas, will not help food the drug tests. Most will leave traces of metabolites that mimic the THC and provide a positive test result.

          Using teas for hydration is healthy, but it won’t get you out of the test. The extra water may dilute the urine, and thus the metabolites, however, the diluted urine is a sign that you are trying to cover something and a second test using blood or hair will show a positive.

          Teas for increasing perspiration will actually increase the amount of available THC in your blood, and cause the detox process to take weeks, not days.

          Hope it helps.

          • Salvador Castillo says:

            If only took on quick I mean quick puff then another hit from a vape even if that was the 2 times in my life should I be worried even if I detox naturally will it show up on any test medical records or how long will it take to detox just does 2 times

          • Christina Major says:

            Hey, Salvador!

            The ability of your body to remove the metabolites from any contamination depends on how healthy your body is, to begin with.

            For some people, they don’t experience any issues with a small dose, while other people may fail drug tests just by being around the second-hand smoke.

            If you are concerned about a drug test or medical test, we recommend ceasing all use for three months in order to make sure you’re clean.

  • Billy Bob says:

    Your article sucks and the condescending attitude about being an upstanding citizen by not smoking marijuana is ridiculous. You seem to have a brain malfunction caused by believing in the system the government has created. I hope you just wrote this article to be funny and not serious.

    • Dima says:

      Hello, Billy Bob!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This is a completely serious article and at the current time, marijuana is illegal to use, grow, and transport. Becoming a criminal by choice shows irresponsibility and we will not help you further break the law. This is why the article has the facts of just how pointless it is to try to fool the system.

      For the very few places that have medical marijuana, this article is irrelevant because they have obtained their prescription legally and have no need to detox.

      So, yes, we do take a negative view on breaking the law. As for our opinions on the government, you’ll have to read further into our site to know what we really think.

      Thank you!

      • memw says:

        Well I have my card and I have to do drops not everything is in black and white…. I repeat I have my card and on probation and cant smoke

        • Dima says:

          Hi, Memw!

          I’m not sure what are you asking about. Please try to write more clearly and explain your issue again.

          Thank you.

    • follower of jesus says:

      Too many pot lovers seem condescending, self-righteou, malevolent fanatics when the issue of pot addiction is mentioned. What makes you the sole posses or of truth? Stoner delusions?or are you wishing that we all become slaves to this insiduous drug that sneeks up on many unsuspecting innocents and sucks out their life force. Why deny this reality? You all sound like crazed pot evangelists. Try listening before lecturing.

    • Anonymous says:

      I couldn’t agree more. This article was to big a joke to read the whole thing. Marijuana is a plant created by God and people have every right to use it illegal or not.

      • Dima says:

        Hello, Anonymous

        Thank you for your thoughts here at iFocusHealth.com. If you know, God also created a forbidden tree and said to Adam not to eat from its fruits. You can do whatever you want, but nobody says it’s right. There is a lot of researches have been done on Marijuana. One recent research has been done by Harvard University scientists when 22.2 million people participated at ages 12 years old and above. It proved that this drug contributes to many harmful side effects like increasing the chances of schizophrenia, heart attack, focus and memory damage even after stopping to use this drug. The main goal and use of this drug are for medical purposes. It helps to reduce pain in cancer and digestive tract diseases, in psychiatric patients.

    • Sheavy says:

      Two thumbs way the hell up to Billy Bob! I agree with your assessment of the article and author completely!!

    • Wendy says:

      I agree. I’ve been in the medical field for decades and have seen people use the Master Cleanse to detox within a month. Had a friend just do it last month and passed his urine screen with no issues after heavy daily use for decades. He also had better cholesterol and blood pressure after this cleanse than in years. He did it for 3 weeks and lost about 10 lbs total with the water weight averaging back out and back on him. Maybe a medical marijuana researcher would be a better place for people looking for unbiased info and a less judgmental approach to the question. My friend was 53 and weighed about 160 at 6 foot tall, so if that helps, maybe you can relate. The cleanse didnt make him any less addicted to cigarettes though! I did the same cleanse and detoxed at 5 foot 6 inches, 175 pounds starting to 165 pounds and a clean urine test a month later as well. These aren’t just stories…it’s me and a friend I watched do this. It works. If you are gimormous, you probably will have a longer time of it. Good luck.

      • Christina Major says:

        Hey Wendy!

        There are people that have used various detoxes and achieved very fast results.

        However, it cannot be guaranteed and results vary for each person.

        Also, various methods of testing will show different results.

        For people who are trying to get clean and stay clean, we wish you all the support in the world and this will help.

        But, we cannot support people looking for a detox and cleanse in order to just fool a drug test. It is morally and ethically irresponsible. Not to mention, in the United States, marijuana use and or possession is still a felony.

  • Jerry garcia says:

    Is there a detox or something that we’ll keep you clean from Marijuana

    • Christina Major says:

      Hi Jerry! I’m glad you asked.

      There is no detox, cleanse, or supplement that you can do or take that will eliminate all the traces of marijuana from your system. The tests for marijuana look for the metabolic wastes, which can persist in your system for days to months. Since they are fat soluble, normal detoxes don’t work.

      When you try to fool the tests, they can tell. We do not endorse the use of marijuana illegally.

      If you are seeking a way to get clean and stay clean, there are resources at your local hospital that are available to help you get clean and be healthy.

  • Emily says:

    Really Valuable Information, thanks a lot by the Blueprint, I´ve printed out to remember my desicion. Kisses…

  • shane smith says:

    the verdant detox kit (www.verdantdetox.com) was voted most reliable in 2015 by high times magazine. i’ve personally used it twice to pass pre-employment drug test, on short notice too. idk, if yall are looking for something then check it out

    • shane smith says:

      also i’d recommend a ketogenic diet (not just for people trying to detox btw). ketosis forces the body to metabolize fat cells (where thc is stored) instead of carbohydrates. essentially the thc will be burned from your body more quickly

      • Christina Major says:

        Hello, Shane Smith!

        Thank you for your recommendation, but I think you missed something.

        A ketogenic diet is a medical diet that should not be used with the direction of a doctor or nutritionist. For many people, it is far too stressful for the body. Anyone with any kind of sugar/diabetes, blood pressure, liver, or kidney issues are actually advised to never use this kind of diet for the risk of ketoacidosis, a fatal blood condition.

        Oh, and ketogenesis doesn’t metabolize fat cells. That is physically impossible. Ketogenesis is the process of creating ketones from protein and fat molecules when they are metabolized. The human body is doing this all the time, it’s a natural process.

        We think you are referring to a restricted carbohydrate diet that places the body into a high state of ketogenesis. We don’t think you should be giving out medical advice here since you aren’t using medical terminology correctly.

        Thanks again.

        • shane smith says:

          having a high carbohydrate diet is unnatural and unfortunately what most people subscribe to. where are your credentials? a ketogenic diet is healthy for almost anyone, and can be extremely beneficial for people with certain illnesses. but whatever, y’all keep running all your ads for cheap detox products and pushing your agenda!

    • Christina Major says:

      Hello, Shane Smith!

      We’re glad you were able to use the kit to pass drug tests. However, this does not match our philosophy of abiding by the law. We recommend you don’t use illegal drugs. If marijuana is legal where you are, then you don’t need a kit or a detox.

      Thank you!

      • Nunya says:

        Enjoyed you article and thanks for the info. However, you lose credibility when you blatantly lie about not being able to detox for or fool drug tests when thousands of people do it everywhere. I respect your opinion on the matter and don’t even necessesarily disagree but you shouldn’t lie to people to further your own narrative. You may even be discouraging people who want to quit for a job and may subsequently stay clean. Just my humble opinion. Take care.

        • Christina Major says:

          Hey Nunya!

          Thanks for replying.

          We are basing our information on the physiology of the human body and its ability to detox and remove all traces of drugs and other toxins from the body.

          We use approved medical research rather than antidotal information.

          Eventually, the body will remove all traces of drugs from your system. However, standard drug tests are able to pick up waste products and the drugs themselves even after doing a detox.

          We will not change our narrative, as you suggest because we are basing our information on science, not hearsay.

          And for the people who wish to stay clean, any recovery can be covered by both a doctor and insurances and will not affect a future job search or being hired.

          At least in the United States, there are laws that protect people who are actively trying to get clean from discrimination.

      • meme says:

        Smart ass comments are not needed, I’m on probation. I have my card and they don’t care I still have to submit urine sooooo??

        • Christina Major says:

          Hey, Meme!

          It is an employer’s right to request drug testing, as many times it has been shown to save lives. By proving you can stay clean, you are building up trust with your employer.

          Your employer should keep the information private, only discussing it between you and your superior. If you feel this confidentiality was violated, or if you have been passed over unfairly for promotions or raises, this is discrimination.

          However, you cannot bring fault to the company for being cautious. I’m sure you would agree to have a person who has their judgment impaired is not someone to trust with other people’s lives.

  • Tian Sheng Di says:

    The government, which is the people that take the oaths etc to become officials, breaks the law. Look at Hilary Clinton. There’s no need to name the never-ending list of others. For Christ’s sake, slavery was legal, and it’s absolutely evil. Miss us with the brainwashing about “the law” because the law doesn’t even follow the Law. They’re just power-hungry miscreants who masquerade as righteous.

    You need to learn to stick to the subject. The subject is NOT the legality of marijuana. It’s how to detoxify it from your body. Save your political views for a separate, appropriately titled article. You self-righteous types need to get a new lease on life. This article reads as I imagine a publication on “How to keep a slave” would have read back when the Satanic government had it legal.

    If it were in my power, I’d strip your right to post on the internet for a 10 years just so you can think about the error of your ways.

    There shouldn’t even be a barrier to basic life resources because of some psychotic government officials desire to control the lives of free people.

    May this site lose ALL of it’s traffic. I’ll never return.

    • Dima says:

      Hello, Tian Sheng Di!

      I’m actually glad you address to this because it is a very important topic.

      There are many parts of your post that we agree with. We agree that slavery was not a good idea, but we also acknowledge it did happen. Those of us who work on this website and write the articles are not part of the government, but we do live in the countries that are ruled by the government. Therefore, we need to abide by the law.

      Technically, aiding people in breaking the law is breaking the law. This is why we mentioned so often about following the laws and making sure that what you were doing was legal. In some areas, marijuana is perfectly legal and detoxing from it is legal. In other areas, it is not legal. Our goal is not to help you break the law, but to improve your health. This is not a political view, but what is morally correct and what make good people.

      We will not apologize for following the law. If it was our goal to change the law, we would be in the government. We hope you take your views and pursue a career in politics and the government so you can work on changing the laws to fit your ideals.

      I hope this answers to your liking. I’m sorry that you will never return to our website but hope you still read our answer.

      Thank you!

  • Jen says:

    Personally, as someone who smoked when I was younger, but has never had a need for it, I see both sides of the whole ‘weed is bad’ vs ‘weed is beneficial’ argument. That being said I still feel that this article was misleading, pretentious and poorly written, and the comment response section was even worse– preachy and stepford, as if you were built on an assembly line. Present your audience with true unbiased facts with dependable answers, and for goodness sake get straight to the point. The article was supposed to inform people about whether juicing would help or not, instead I find myself scrolling over halfway through the article before I even get a basic answer. I don’t need a response, I happened across this site by random chance anyway, just write better articles.

    • Christina Major says:

      Hi Jen!

      We’re sorry you feel that way about our article.

      One of the biggest problems with giving out information for a marijuana detox is that in some parts of the world, it is actually illegal.

      In order to make sure people are following the law and will not hurt themselves, we need to be preaching.

      There are many benefits to marijuana, and we wish people would be able to use it as they like, but that’s not the case here.

  • JD says:

    Some states may have legalized marijuana but it is still not legalized by the federal government. So just because you’re allowed too doesn’t mean the employer is on board. You should edit your page so people can check based on location…or at least not give them false hope.

    • Christina Major says:

      Hey JD!

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      Just like any mind-altering substance, your employer can have you tested for the substance and terminate your employment because of the use.

      We did look into being able to do a search based on location, but we get inquiries from all over the world. In the US, various municipalities, states, and regions have their own unique marijuana laws. For example, in Pennsylvania marijuana is legal to take as medicine. However, you need a doctor’s approval, and certain municipalities have restricted what doctors can prescribe. This kind of search is very costly and is beyond the scope of what we can provide.

      We do want to state that because the US federal government has not legalized the use of marijuana in any form, anyone can still be prosecuted for taking marijuana.

  • William T says:

    Dima I’ve heard a lot about spirulina. I’ve smoked often and for a long time. However; I am trying to get a real job and it requires a pee test. I’ve stopped smoking for over three weeks, I juice regularly, I drink green tea all day long. I’ve cut back on alcohol, sugars, and fats. I’m trying to the right thing do I can pass this test guilt free.I have rather low body fat, and My urine test is in week. How do you feel about the reports that spirulina helps immensely?

    • Christina Major says:

      Hey William!

      We have not run into any conclusive studies that show spirulina has any specific detox effects on marijuana.

      It is very healthy for your system and will help with proper nutrition.

      We recommend talking to your doctor and to your potential employers. Many of them understand a desire for a good work ethic.

      By showing you are honest and willing to work hard, many of them will overlook a specific issue.

      • Ginger says:

        Telling your employer that you use illegal substances ? terrible advice

        • Christina Major says:

          Hey Ginger!

          One of the things we have found is that most employers appreciate honesty.

          In today’s work environment, many employers also appreciate that people wish and are trying to be better than what they were before.

          We recommend telling your employer about your marijuana use, and that you’re also trying to quit the addiction. Many will offer help and leniency while you were working through the issues. Just be aware they might ask you to submit to occasional testing if safety is an issue for your job.

          Another thing we have found just that when an employer unexpectedly finds out about substance abuse, be it marijuana, cocaine, or any other legal drug such as alcohol, their reactions tend to be less understanding.

          The biggest thing we recommend is honesty, commitment, and working with your employer and your doctor to make sure you will be healthy for as long as possible.

  • Jessica says:

    Can ItWorks greens help me detox it out off my body

    • Dima says:

      Hey, Jessica!

      We have a little bit of experience with It Works! Greens and we can’t tell you if it does improve your nutrition and help your body detox. But, anyway, I think it’s not going to help remove marijuana from your body or help you fool any drug test.

      Thank you!

  • Steve says:

    Am I being sabotaged by a drug testing center????? My weed metabolite level is at 47 in my urine an for the recently tests it was the same thing 47 .. I haven’t smoked weed for 70 plus days and haven’t been around it an I weigh 105 btw… I need answers …p.s I have friends who passed their tests with 30 days!! So What the hell is going on? Do I need to file legal action against them? I’m out of options and money!

    • Christina Major says:

      Hi Steve,

      Most likely, you are not being sabotaged by the testing center. They are very heavily regulated and doing something like this to you could get them to shut down. It’s too big of a risk.

      The metabolites from marijuana can stay in your system anywhere from 30 to 180 days. It depends on the test method and your individual body for how long the tests will identify metabolites.

      The metabolites are stored in your fat cells because they are considered toxic waste. As you lose weight, more of the metabolites are released into your system. This is why the test can pick up marijuana use so long after you stop using it. There are antidotal reports of people testing positive for marijuana years after they stopped it simply because they lost weight.

      Unfortunately, you just need to wait it out. And we recommend not starting again since it’s obvious the metabolites remain in your system for a very long time. We don’t want you to have serious issues later down the road for something so simple like this.

  • Dakota anderson says:

    Very poorly written article by an author with lack of experience and knowledge not only of detoxing thc but also marijuana. Pretentious attitude and comments made in the refer madness attitude. Only few ways here to detox mentioned and still not entirely true in ways of alcohol, creatine and vitimans used to detox. This wasn’t written to help but to preach and to be condescending. If anyone would like other methods of detoxing and time frames when to start and stop certain aspects of detoxing please email me at lxxxmade@gmail.com. I have been using Marijuana for 20 yrs and passing drug test for 15 yrs.

    O yeah, and I’m not a criminal. Just prefer marijuana over alcohol to ease the stress of the day.

    • Christina Major says:

      Hi Dakota,

      You are right, we don’t have any experience with smoking marijuana. We have made the choice to not use an illegal drug. On the other side, we are very versed in how to detox drugs, alcohol, and toxins from the body, as this is what we do for a living. We are experienced in using the legal forms of medical HCG. Please, remember that marijuana use is a Class 1 felony. Currently, there is no approved detoxification, medication, or removal process for marijuana that will conclusively remove marijuana and its metabolites from your system in order to pass a drug test. Only time and your body’s ability to remove toxins will do this, and it does not do it very quickly.

      Thank you!

  • Dakota anderson says:

    If anyone needs real advice email me at lxxxmade@gmail.com. this was written based on a Pretentious author with no experience in detoxing thc and marijuana.

    • Christina Major says:


      As we’ve answered you before, we have made the choice to not use an illegal drug. However, we are experienced in using the legal forms of medical HCG.

      Thank you.

  • Salvador Castillo says:

    Like I said in my other question the 2 times were almost a month apart so if y never do it again will I detox rarely fast or time

  • David says:

    As a smoker from 13-25 everyday and has struggled to stay off for past 2-1/2 years I can vouch for just how harmful weed can be to some. This is my 4th time quitting cold turkey and it’s always difficult for the first 3-4 weeks being sober. I like the idea of having weed out of my system. This website and article is great. The people who do smoke weed are not bad they just don’t realize that you are capable of so much more with out it in life. It really slows you down in life from thought processing to energy levels. I feel like the people who smoke weed every day don’t realize until they stay sober for a period of time just how much of a waste of time it is. This being my 4th time ever quitting I can preach and say I always have intense periods of productivity and clarity whenever I do get off the poison. I usually always find a beautiful girlfriend within weeks of being sober who I would of never dated high all the time. My relationships with people are more professional and meaningful. I do understand why people smoke though and think there has to be a balance of smokers and non smokers or else the world would just be full of over achievers and make it difficult for the focused people to become successful. I’m happy there’s so many pot heads becAuse it’s a way to weed out the losers.

    • Christina Major says:

      Hello David.

      Congratulations on working to keep yourself clean.

      It is a very hard task and you are a strong person to be able to do this.

      We fully support you doing what you can to stay clean and healthy.

      We agree with you that marijuana has some very detrimental effects, both on your health and social life.

      We didn’t explore that aspect, the downsides to social interactions because there are no reliable studies to show that marijuana impacts your social life so negatively.

      We’re glad for people like you to share your thoughts and feelings on exactly what you have experienced and what you’ve seen from other people.

      Keep up the good work.

  • Kevin Bryce says:

    I use to smoke weed on a daily basis and was addicted for quite some time, I know it can be a good thing for most people but it was the opposite for me. I’m over it now. But I do have a question.

    I’ve been clean for about 2 years now and as I understand, the rate at which you consume weed affects how quickly your body gets rid of it. Given how long it’s been since I last smoked, would my body deal with it quicker back then or quicker right now? (note, I have a better diet now) Cheers.

    • Dima says:

      Hello, Kevin!

      Congratulations on breaking a habit and becoming healthier! You have an amazing site and I hope you do continue. With the question you asked, it is hard to pin an answer. Since you are now clean, the effects of marijuana could hit you harder and stronger than what you were last used to and your body may clear it out of your system faster. On the other hand, depending on the amount of damage that was done to your natural excretory systems and your liver, you may experience longer and more complicated detoxification. You may also experience bad side effects. It’s hard to tell and we don’t recommend you try again without the supervision of a doctor.

      Thank you!

  • Teresa says:

    Wow! These comments are riddled with misinformation as does this article. To begin with, marijuana is not a drug. In order to be officially classified as a drug it has to have consistent effects. Such as cocaine having the effect of speeding y0u up or opiates bringing you down or relieving pain. Marijuana has different effects on different people. We, as humans, have receptors in our bodies specifically for the endocannabinoid system which all humans have. Stopping the use of marijuana does not cause withdrawal. If it did, I would be having problems right now. I have been a marijuana user since I was young and have been out for about 10 days now, and nothing. No loss of sleep, irritation, lack of concentration, nothing. I am also more intelligent and healthier than most of the people I graduated with. The benefits way outweigh any possible ill effects that a person could have. Different strains of the leafy plant cause different effects. While one may increase imagination and creativity, another will help with body relaxation. Without legalization, we have no idea what benefits we are missing out on. It is funny to me how a person will readily pop a prescription created in a lab by a pharmaceutical company but because of a stigma created by men in power in the first half of the 20th century, you are unwilling to explore the benefits of a God given plant. I myself, am excited to see where the study of this plant will lead in the future. I would love to see it replace the use of chemical pharmaceuticals and the havoc it is wreaking on our bodies. We are not meant to put unnatural substances in our bodies. Until we realize this, we will continue to have the many health problems that curse our society today. I think it is sad that ill advised individuals continue to control the opinions of others. Please learn more about this wonderful plant before you judge other for using it.

    • Christina Major says:

      Hello Teresa.

      In the US, marijuana is a Class 1 narcotic, therefore classified as a drug, as you acknowledge later in your comment.

      We’re glad you stopped the marijuana and did not experience withdrawals.

      Unfortunately, most people do experience symptoms all because the cannabis receptors in the body become accustomed to having activation and will create a dopamine depression when the receptors are not activated.

      In addition, all studies performed on marijuana and youth show that marijuana destroys brain cells and inhibits the learning process.

      You may have avoided this unfortunate side effect, but many people will not.

      We fully agree with you that this herb should be legalized and the medical application should be explored, however, we are bound by the law and will not advise people to violate it.

  • Steven says:

    Passing a drug test is easy!

    1) Abstain from inhaling or ingesting marijuana (obvious enough).

    2) Eat a clean diet that is low in carbohydrates and sugar – A diet like this forces the body to metabolize fat (where THC metabolites are stored) instead of glucose.

    3) Drink lots of water and green tea – Having healthy amounts of both water and green tea will lower THC metabolite levels through their diuretic properties and cleansing of the kidneys. Additionally, hydration is a key factor for a robust metabolism.

    4) Exercise – This will speed up a person’s metabolic rate, burn THC metabolites and remove waste.

    5) Get a 48 Hour Detox Kit from https://www.verdantdetox.com/

    • Christina Major says:

      Hey Steven!

      This is a good and succinct list of ways to be healthy. Your first tip on abstaining from inhaling or ingesting marijuana basically means you’re not using marijuana at all. The rest of your suggestions are perfect for living a healthy and clean life. If people follow these rules, we wouldn’t have to worry about drug testing since people would be more concerned about being healthy than using the drugs.

  • Aravind621 says:

    Cannabis infused tea are also effective specially when it comes to intestinal problems unlike smoking’s quick reaction time, cannabis-infused teas have a longer build due to the digestive tract’s absorption of the liquid’s active ingredients. It is beneficial on treating chronic illnesses like this http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/what-is-marijuana-kief/. It has a lot of medical uses specially on some chronic illnesses and helps relieves pain and mood swings. Anyway, any personal experience, opinion or testimonial would be highly appreciated. Thanks

    • Christina Major says:

      Hey Aravind621!

      Thanks for your info. As cannabis is becoming more accepted as a valid medical treatment, we’re going to find more and more products helping people. Fortunately, when used medically, you don’t have to worry about detox because you have a medical excuse to use the product. Additionally, most medical marijuana has minimal levels of the hallucinogenic factor that most people want to avoid. Personally, we think tea is a great way to get in additional nutrients and healing properties from the cannabis leaf or any other healing herb.

  • >