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Great Delicious Cancer Fighting Recipes for Juicers

It’s shouldn’t be a major surprise that many people are preoccupied with cancer. It’s the number 2 killer in the US next only to heart disease. One in four deaths in the US is from cancer. About 564,800 are expected to die in the country this year—that’s almost 1,550 deaths every day. And that’s why cancer fighting recipes are crucial.

cancer fighting recipes

Benefits of Cancer Fighting Recipes

With the right cancer fighting recipes, chemo patients can get their proper nutrients even if nausea is becoming a major problem. And they can even get you to eat the right food that can help prevent cancer from cropping up in the first place. According to cancer experts, lifestyle changes such as adopting a healthier diet can actually prevent up to a third of the incidences of the most common cancers. That’s more than 100,000 incidences of cancer.

The Right Diet for Cancer Patients

If you’re on chemo already, you may find to your misfortune that nausea is a very common side effect. It’s not exactly certain whether it’s because of the cancer or it’s because of the chemo. Either way, it sucks.

But there are some foods you can try out for your diet.

  • Hardboiled eggs. It provides 7 grams of protein, plus vitamins B and D. It also has vitamin E which protects the body from the severe effects of cancer treatments. It also alleviates peripheral neuropathy (numbness in the hands and feet) which is also a common side effect of chemo. Finally, eggs provide selenium which can help reduce the severity of the side effects of common cancer treatments.
  • Ginger. It’s an anti-inflammatory, and it also reduces the vomiting and nausea side effects.
  • Acai berry. Its antioxidant level is 11 times the level in apples and some studies suggest it can help fight cancer.
  • Yogurt. It’s rich in probiotics (the good bacteria that’s like those in your gut). A study conducted by the Department of Medical Oncology at Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia showed that probiotics can help prevent weight loss and diarrhea. These are the common side effects of a form of chemo used for rectal and colon cancers.
  • Green leafy vegetables. These contain a lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are good for you during your treatment. And these nutrients are also great at preventing cancer in the first place.

Other foods you need to incorporate in your diet include broiled or baked (not fried) tofu or skinned chicken and other sources of low-fat protein. You can also try dry saltine-style crackers, toast, pretzels, and natural potato chips. Other items you can try include mashed potatoes, rice, noodles, and plain pasta.

Juicing Recipes for Cancer

Whether you’re trying to avoid cancer or you’re currently dealing with cancer already, here are some juicing recipes for cancer you may want to try out in your juicer.

  • Half a cup of pineapple, two cups of spinach, a medium mango. This drink will provide you with vitamins A, C, D, and K, antioxidants like quercetin and mangiferin, folate, iron, and chlorophyll. It has alkalizing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Three carrots, a peeled orange, and a third of a cantaloupe with the rind. You get lots of beta carotene (vitamin A) which reduces the risk of cancer and even slows down the reproduction of cancer cells. You also get lots of vitamin C and other cancer-fighting nutrients.
  • Two cups of pea sprouts, a cup of watermelon, and half an inch of ginger. It offers an antioxidant called lycopene, vitamins A and C, folic acid, chlorophyll, plus alkalizing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • 6 large strawberries and 4 pitted apricots. Truly tasty and with lots of nutrients, this drink boosts your immune system and provides you with antioxidants.
  • A cup of honeydew melon, a medium cucumber, and 4 romaine leaves. Aside from the anti-inflammatory and alkalizing properties, you also get lots of antioxidants, potassium, chlorophyll, and vitamins A, B, and C.
  • A clove of garlic, 4 broccoli stems, and 4 big carrots. With this antibacterial drink, you can regulate yeast production in your body and also help with digestion difficulties. You also get vitamin A, calcium, and B vitamins.
  • An apple, two cups of kale, half a lemon and half an inch of ginger.
  • 3 carrots, 15 spinach leaves, and an inch and a half slice of sweet potato.
  • A cup of strawberries, a cup and a half of coconut water, 2 large handfuls of kale, and 2 tablespoons of chia seeds.

Final Words

Before you start implementing any of these diets, here are some words you need to think about:

If you already have cancer, then you need to discuss your diet with your doctor. This is imperative! Any diet for cancer patients have to be approved by doctors. For example, some cancer fighting recipes may not be suitable for you because the antioxidant properties of some food items may actually interfere with how the chemo works.

If you have a problem with nausea, here are some helpful hints:

  • Don’t rush through your food. Eat more slowly.
  • Try eating smaller portions of food but more frequently. Instead of having three large meals a day, you may want to try 6 small meals.
  • Keep some crackers by your bedside if nausea is a problem after you wake up.
  • Rest while sitting up after a meal. Don’t lie down until two hours have passed after a meal.
  • See if any food items trigger your nausea, so that you learn what to avoid the next time.
  • Tell your health care provider about your nausea. Maybe you can get some medication to control the side effect.

Remember, you can choose to live a lifestyle that helps minimize your chances of getting cancer. And if you get cancer, remember that plenty of people beat it. And you can still enjoy good meals and juices in the meantime

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About the Author: Hey, I’m Dima and I love juicing. When I was a kid, fruits and vegetables weren’t something I was very excited about. I was much more passionate about eating meatballs with spaghetti than I was about a salad of any kind :). A few years ago I discovered juicing that not only had an effect on my daily meals, my health, and my looks but also on my entire lifestyle. And I share with you all my knowledge and tips.

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