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Katia Stukota

About the Author: Katia is responsible for graphics and content design for iFocusHealth. She is passionate about cooking and healthy lifestyle. She believes that good graphics can help communicate the information clearly and also add more value.

Articles by This Author:

Looking for a Natural Metabolism Booster? Try Fresh Juices!

vitamins for metabolism

All about metabolism and juicing benefits: How boosting your metabolism will affect your weight? Can fresh organic juices speed up your metabolism? What are the fruits and vegetables that are best to juice? What juice recipes are best for speeding up metabolism?[Click Here To Read This Post…]


6 Healthy Fresh Juice Recipes for Pregnant Women

juice recipes for pregnant women

Healthy nutrition is one of the main concerns most pregnant women are bothered with. Juicing, when it done right can contribute lots of essential vitamins to your fetus development. Which juices are healthy for pregnant women? What food and juices to avoid during pregnancy ? Find here 6 healthy fresh juicing recipes for pregnant women [Click Here To Read This Post…]


Souping vs. Juicing – Which One Is the Best Cleanse?

souping vs juicing

Souping is becoming more and more popular. Can it really compete with the health benefits juicing has to offer. What are the benefits and the downsides of each trend? Find out which detox plan will best fit you. [Click Here To Read This Post…]


21 Delicious Leftover Juice Pulp Recipes

leftover juice pulp recipes

The leftovers you get after each juicing session are called juice pulp. Most people just throw it away. There are however so many ways to make your juice pulp useful. Making delicious meals is one way of re-purposing your juice pulp. Here are 21 delicious recipes with juice pulp we really love. [Click Here To Read This Post…]


Pumpkin Juice – Not Only for Halloween (Infographic)

pumpkin juice

When asked to think of pumpkins many of us will automatically come up with Halloween related images. However pumpkins have much more to offer than being just a holiday decoration. This is one of the most widely grown vegetables in North America and it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Pumpkins can be used for different cooking [Click Here To Read This Post…]


Juicing vs. Blending – Which One is Better?

juicer vs blender

This article takes an in-depth look at the juicing vs blending debate, their pros and cons and other pertinent information you need to know [Click Here To Read This Post…]


How Juicing Will Make Difference to Your Life

Juicing for health

Are you looking to lose weight or just want to improve your overall health? Juicing is one of the best ways to really make a difference in your life.[Click Here To Read This Post…]