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Your Guide To Paleo: How To Tell The Good From The Bad

your guide to paleo ebook review

“Paleo isn’t about being a lonely ascetic; it’s about having a rich and fulfilling lifestyle, and that has to include relaxation and social time.” This is one of the guiding principles behind Your Guide To Paleo book.

This paleo meal plan in not just meals, it total lifestyle. It helps you include your life and interests into a fulfilling and easy lifestyle change. I especially like that you can include alcohol and treats and still make sure you live to the principles of this diet plan.

The Principles of Paleo

Basically, when you eat paleo, you are eating like your ancestors did. You will find several times in Your Guide To Paleo references and comparisons to the diets our ancestors ate a thousand, even ten thousand years ago.

The big problem: less than 1% of the foods they ate are even around today. Humans have cultivated, hybridized and selected the best and tastiest fruits, vegetables, and meats over millennia. This fundamental change has changed the nutritional profile.

paleo eating

On top of that, we live in an environment that is vastly different than our ancestors. We have lots of stress they couldn’t even imagine. Even native tribes that have been isolated from modern life are vastly different.

Using the idea that we eat as our ancestors is flawed thinking. Using the principle of whole, natural foods is good. Fortunately, paleo focuses on whole, natural foods which makes up for the shortcomings of the founding principle.

Your Guide To Paleo Review

While the principles are sound in this e-book the reasoning behind it is a little suspect.

Portion Sizes

There is a portion size guide, but it’s not something that is easily used. It’s more of a questionnaire that tries to teach you that it’s ok to eat, but not over eat. This is the only sheet in the whole program I did not find helpful.

Protein, Fat, & Carbs

Protein and Fat are the two biggest components of any healthy diet. The Standard American Diet is mostly carbs. It’s why so many people are sick.

The Your Guide To Paleo diet plan focuses on healthy fats, proteins, and a rich assortment of carbs from whole food sources.

The guide is absolutely right on this: healthy proteins and fats come from animal sources. Yes, you can be vegetarian or even vegan on paleo, but it’s harder. The better choice is to seek out humane and naturally raised animals and support local farmers to expand the practice.

low carb diet

Paleo is naturally low-carb. You can do ultra-low-carb or moderate-low-carb, depending on how much weight you want to lose. It’s just the food choices.

The guide is right in stating soy is bad. Fermented soy is ok, but not a substitute for meat. It also hits the point that natural diets are higher in omega-3 fatty acids, however we really don’t know the ratio of fats and proteins they ate. We only started paying attention to that about 30 years ago.


salt in paleo diet

Yes, we eat too much salt and it does cause higher blood pressure in some people. We should eat a diet lower in salt. The biggest concern I have with this e-book is that is mentions salt in a negative light, but doesn’t tell people salt is necessary. Just don’t eat lots.


vitamin d sources

In one part of Your Guide To Paleo, it says a natural diet doesn’t need supplements. It highlights that our ancestors didn’t need any supplement. Supplements have only been around 80 years, or since the introduction of processed foods.

fish oil supplement

This guide recommends Vitamin D, probiotics, and fish oil. This runs counter to medical literature that shows most people don’t need these supplement. In fact, if you are eating a healthier diet, you chances of being deficient in these nutrients is small. Magnesium and vitamin A are more common, yet not discussed at all.


health benefits of eggs

Eggs are healthy and the guide shows it well. Nearly all the nutrition is found in the yolk and the type of cholesterol is healthy.


The e-book has a special section for nightshade vegetables: tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, etc. It directly links these foods with problems with auto-immune disorders and increased pain.

But, the science isn’t there to back that claim up. In fact, a meta-study of over 200 individual studies showed only about 25% of the population with pain or auto-immune problems actually see a worsening of symptoms or immune-factors when they eat nightshades. Another 25% actually see a reduction of pain and immune-factors when they eat nightshades. The final 50% had no reaction at all.


Irritants, like wheat, soy, and alcohol, play a much more significant effect on pain and auto-immune function.

Starches: Grains vs Rice

Grains are a fairly new introduction to our diet. Grains as we know them today have been around less than 100 year. The common GMO wheat and rice have been around less than 20.

rice in paleo

This guide eschews grains, except for white rice. This is confusing. We only started removing the bran from rice in the past 150 years, when white rice was introduced from Asia. This rice was for special meals only and the rest of the time they ate the whole grain. Plus, the bran was fed to the animals, so they were getting the nutrition anyways.

We don’t agree that white rice should be your only grain. Brown rice is healthier. It has more nutrition. They say it’s healthier to eat just the middle (the white rice). Removing the bran is removing the nutrients. The mention of phytic acid ignores the cooking process, which destroys the irritating properties. It’s why brown rice is recommended for people with gut problems, it’s healthy and healing.

There are also other wholesome grains and psudo-grains (like quinoa) that are paleo friendly that were not included in this guide. We hope the next edition covers that shortfall.

Your Guide To Paleo Review

My favorite part of this whole system is the Paleo Slow-Cooker recipes. Slow-cookers are the best way for busy people to get the meals they want in without lots of work. All it takes is a crockpot and the good recipes in this system.


It all starts off with proper equipment. So many diet plans start focusing soles on dinners and breakfasts, they forget that people take leftovers for lunch and even make special meals for the daytime break!

paleo lunches

When you deal with whole foods, you need the right containers to make sure that everything says at the correct temperature. The lunch guide starts off with the right equipment.

The guide then goes on to show you how to make delicious leftovers from the dinner before without getting stale, old-tasting, or dry. In fact, the new recipes are new dishes in of themselves.


paleo breakfast recipe

Eggs may be the stars, but they are not the only players. You can have pancakes! There is a good recipe for delicious pancakes.


There are millions of paleo recipes online. The ones included with the Your Guide To Paleo are some of the best. They range from comfort food to spicy, exotic dishes. It’s enough to keep you interested and enjoy what you eat.

The biggest focus is meat. What meat dish will you have this night? In every recipe, the vegetables are still the main portion of the meal, and they are paired with the main meat to make sure each flavor is brought out.

Paleo relies heavily on herbs and spices. Today, we do not use nearly the same amount of herbs and spices our ancestors used, be they 100 years ago or 1,000 years ago. Typically, 300 years ago, people used between ½ lb (1/4 kg) to ¾ lb (nearly ½ kg) of herbs and spices per day. And they used nearly zero salt or sugar.

paleo and herbs

Paleo doesn’t call for that much, but it does call for more herbs and spices than we are used to. And that’s good because the meals in this cookbook are flavorful and delicious.

There’s also lots of variety in the cookbook. Each meal uses a different meat, different vegetables, and sometimes unusual foods that are not commonly known. Each meal should expand your ideas of what food is and this book does it nicely.


You won’t find donuts or cakes here. Fruit has typically been the staple dessert for many thousands of years. You can cook fruit in so many ways, and keep the sugars low.

fruits in paleo

You’ll find hot and cold desserts in the meal plan. One of the best ones is a fruit compote. It contains apricots, peaches and pears and helps you get in that Vitamin A that we talked about earlier. It’s naturally sweet and a great dessert. In the South, fruit compotes are usually paired with ice cream. A nearly frozen natural yogurt makes a wonderful substitute for that rich and creamy taste.

Your Guide To Paleo Grocery List

The grocery store becomes easy to shop in once you go paleo. While the guide does not specifically cover what to shop for, you can easily figure it out.

The paleo meal ideas and guides have specific foods. They are all whole foods! No complicated ingredient lists or exotic words. Just real foods.

Paleo Lifestyle

Sleep is the first and most important point. Most people are sleep deprived. By sleeping more naturally we can get healthier. Our bodies have the chance to heal.

sleep and paleo

A cute diagram shows that our bodies treat all stress like we are being threatened by a saber-toothed tiger. While not accurate, it’s close enough. Many people have lifestyles that are continuous stress. By relaxing, we can undo this stress.

And exercise! Just do it.

Will I Lose Weight On Your Guide To Paleo

your guide to paleo

If you need to lose a chunk of weight, yes. This diet helps you choose better foods and lifestyles that will encourage your body to drop the weight. But it’s not going to do it for you. You need to put in the work.

Paleo weight loss isn’t about a diet that restricts your diet. It’s about a lifestyle that supports health and a healthy weight.

If you aren’t losing weight on the paleo diet, there may be several reasons. You can just consult the troubleshooting sheet to see if your issue is one that others have encountered before. You wouldn’t be the first to have trouble, which is why the troubleshooting sheet exists.

Your Guide To Paleo Alcohol & Treats

One of the better parts of this program is that you actually get to learn about the fun side of food: alcohol and treats! The e-book has ideas for snacks and there are dessert recipes in the Your Guide To Paleo diet menu. There is a whole cheat sheet for alcohol.

Now, a diet that over consumes anything will not be healthy. The guide tells us how much to eat and how often. But, here’s a spoiler: it’s not much. These things are not the basis of a healthy diet.

What Others Are Saying

Your Guide to Paleo is essentially a 101 guide to all things Paleo. The authors goal was to create a product that would provide all the information needed to jump-start a Paleo lifestyle. Furthermore, they wanted to provide an essential resource for anyone who is already Paleo and looking for all the key information about the diet in one place. This e-book is full of quality illustrations, diagrams and explanations from start-to-finish, making it a very easy-to-follow guide for anyone with an open mind and willingness to learn. 

Dai Manuel


Your guide to paleo

As the guide says, paleo is healthy. It’s also the same price or even less than a processed food diet. You get lots of choice and enjoyment.

You can lose weight on paleo, when it’s done well. Focusing on a whole foods diet is always healthy. Sleep and exercise are also important.

You have a whole system that will help you improve your life. Now, it’s time for you to put into practice what you learn. It’s actually easy with this system.

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About the Author: Christina Major is a Holistic Nutritionist, Traditional Naturopath, and Herbalist. She has a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and an advanced degree in Traditional Naturopathy. Further certifications in herbalism and metabolic typing. She owns and operates Crystal Holistic Health Consulting based in PA, the USA since 2010.

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