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The Venus Factor: Can It Help You Lose Weight Fast?

the venus factor

The Venus Factor is a system of diets, workouts, and lifestyle changes that are specifically for women. Venus Factor creator John Barban (a man) is right that women have different dietary, exercise, and lifestyle needs that aren't addressed in most workout plans. We women want a plan just for us.

We thank John Barban for allowing us to read the information about the Venus Factor for free.

Breakdown of the Venus Factor Secrets

So, what is the Venus Factor? Does it work? Will I get the results they promised?

If you follow the Venus Factor for weight loss, you will get results. It is comprehensive and provides you with a step-by-step approach. But, just to warn you, it’s rather intense.

This is a 12-week program targeting specific muscles, weight loss bio-pathways, and lifestyle habits. It is designed so you can do the whole program right at home, a convenience many of us enjoy. It also provides an online community where you can get support, questions answered, and interact for specific recommendations.

Many websites list the cons of the system. Yes, it is intense. Very intense. And you must follow the system completely to get the results you want.

The workouts are tough and demand dedication. They will firm you up if you keep up with them. It’s that keeping up with them that seems to get the biggest portion of people to slip up. Once you miss a day of the program, you are behind on the workouts. Each day is built on the previous, so skipping a day here or there isn't much of an option.

While the system does not warn people, this isn't a diet for people with diseases and physical problems. People with diabetes see a quick reduction in blood sugars and may not be able to cope with the reduction. People with heart problems find the workouts too intense for their current conditions and there have been reports of hospitalizations.

It’s best you work with your doctor if you have any physical problem, are on medications, or are less than healthy before starting The Venus System.

The end of the book is dedicated to talking about body shape. They try to help women understand that their muscles will be a better shape. That the thinness of the waist is not a determining factor of whether you are skinny or not. I think they were trying to make women feel better:)

Then, they talk about the Golden Proportion, or the Greek Perfection. Very few women fall into this perfect model (I certainly don’t). I actually found that section a bit depressing because I know I am not Greek Perfection.

The Venus Factor Diet Plan

The food plan for the Venus Factor contains some good food. It has a higher reliance on vegetables and fruits, than processed foods. It will help you to start a good diet.

The biggest flaw is that this diet is still using the disproven calorie theory. Basically, you restrict your calories to the point where your body… well, that’s the problem. The body doesn't use calories for anything. It uses fats, proteins, vitamins, water, carbs, and minerals. By restricting calories, you greatly restrict the amounts of fats and proteins you take in. Basically, it’s a low-fat diet.

Recently, many of the cardiologists and top health officials officially declared low-fat dieting to be the biggest mistake medical science has ever made.

The Venus Factor spends over 5 pages trying to justify using calories, including stating a calorie is a measure of heat (which isn’t used at all in the body). There are complex explanations used that have been discredited. Basically, they stick with a calorie is a calorie. Try being healthy on ice cream and see if a calorie is still a calorie.

Because of the restriction in calories, this diet greatly restricts fats, even on the high fat days. It is far below the threshold of normal, healthy intake. Grains and vegetables make up the bulk of this diet.

calories checking

The body then cannibalizes itself to provide the correct amounts of fats and proteins.

There is a big concern for people with pre-diabetes and diabetes. Some days are low-carb, being under 100g per day. Some days are a high as 300g per day (typical of the Standard American Diet). This wide range of variation wreaks havoc on your insulin levels and can accelerate the slide into a full diabetic condition.

The Leptin Factor

Leptin is a hormone that helps us feel hunger and food needs. It is secreted by every fat cell and endocrine gland. Our stomach is the primary organ for signaling production, although fat cells secrete this hormone continuously.


Women naturally have more leptin than men and are nearly twice as sensitive to it. This makes it twice as hard for women to lose weight as it is for men.

The workout and diet plan target the pathways that naturally reduce the amount of leptin in our blood. This helps us to lose weight and not feel as if we are continuously hungry.

Eat Up Days

Venus Factor Program

Barban uses Eat Up Days as a way to let people eat a bit more food and enjoy themselves. It’s the same as a ‘cheat’ day in other diets.

A cheat day (or Eat Up Day) is a day when you increase your intake or are not so rigid in choice. This is a huge nutritional and hormonal set back. It takes the body nearly 5 days to regain homeostasis and return to a weight loss routine. (This is covered in the greatest depth by Dr Atkins, of the Atkins diet – he compiled over 1,000 studies to show the body needs consistency and cheat days throw the body into flux.)

Good Food Bad Food

He’s right to say that no food is good and no food is bad, mostly. Processed foods, junk, and chemical-laden crap are bad, no redeeming value.

junk food

It’s more a mindset. Barban tries to explain it away with calories, but if you choose to eat 1,000 calories of ice cream (a fairly typical serving), you are going to hurt yourself because now you can’t eat much food at all and this sets off a negative hormone reaction that can take up to 5 days to reset.

It does come down to choice, as they explain in the book. You need to choose healthy foods, but know that an occasional indulgence is OK. It doesn't mean you can totally binge on bad foods.

Soy, Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

The Venus Factor recognizes these can be problems. But doesn't go so far as to really explain why or to avoid these foods. In fact, with artificial sweeteners, they recommend using them in moderation.

The daily use of soy, as recommended in the book, is one of the leading causes of hypothyroid problems. Artificial sweeteners are linked to cancers, behavioral problems, and weight gain. Sugar contains no nutrients and provides us with nothing.

He does go on to say that sodas and juices are not recommended because they add empty calories. Plus, they contain carcinogens, chemical flavorings, and colors.

Carbs, Fats and Proteins

the venus factor final phase

The Venus Factor loves carbs. They recommend 70% come from vegetables and fruits and 30% from grains. This is a good start.

The biggest problem with that is some grains are very low carb and high nutrient. Some vegetables are very low nutrient and high carb. The issue is much more complex than they tell you.

They tell you fats are OK, even healthy. But, don’t go looking for them and don’t add them to your foods.

Proteins are necessary and Barban gives a nod to the hard work vegetarians must do to balance proteins. But, still, he recommends choosing the lower fat cuts of meat, which are often the toughest, worst tasting, and cheapest available.



I was perplexed by this. It seems to be inserted into the Venus Factor simply because the author likes coffee. It contradicts the earlier statements of avoiding beverages that provide no nutritional value.

The Venus Factor Recipes

The Venus Factor Fat Loss Cookbook

The Venus Factor Book comes with a series of tasty recipes. Most of them are healthy and well crafted. They contain a good portion of fruits and vegetables, a staple of any healthy diet. They also use good quality healthy fats (sometimes) and meats.

Some of the recipes call for artificial sugars and processed foods. These are definitely not on the list of foods a person should be eating. Many studies have emerged in the past couple of years that show the chemicals in artificial sugars and preservatives alter hormonal pathways to cause weight gain. We hope future versions of the Venus Factor are altered to reflect these new nutritional facts.

If you don’t like some of the snacks or meal, it’s a bit challenging to change. Some meals are bland and can be perked up both in taste and nutrition with the addition of herbs and spices. Adjustments in food choices can be made if you know the caloric, fat, carb and protein counts of each substitution and match it to the day.

The portion sizes are appropriate for what people should be eating and you really should be following them if you want results. However, many people will experience shock and hunger at first as they adjust to the smaller portion sizes.

The Venus Factor Workout Plan

The Venus Factor Workout

Butts, Thighs, Waist! Repeat!

The Venus System Exercise Plan takes you through 12 weeks of high intensity workouts that are customized to women for building and toning the muscles we work most: the lower muscles of the butt, legs, and waist.

Each day has a series of exercises and rep counts that builds on the previous day. Each day will leave you with a feeling of a good hard work out. This will build your muscle and burn up excess fat.

But don’t miss a day. Each workout is built upon the day previous. Skipping a day isn't an option. The whole system is design to be complete start to finish.

The one thing I didn't find was advice for injury. This is for women who have no physical problems working out and doing hard exercise. If you have knee, hip, or back injury, you really need to talk to your doctor to see if you can even do the Venus System at all.

The Venus Factor Reviews

It wasn’t until I found Venus Factor that I finally reshaped my body. I wasn’t very skeptical, which probably helped me to get started with the workouts, but there wasn’t really anything to worry about anyway. I just did three months as a test drive and the results blew me away, I completely changed my body and my whole life.

Roberta Saum, CA

Eight children in 12 years and I look and feel better than I ever have in my entire life! I've always had the determination and willpower to exercise and eat right, but was never EVER able to see such unbelievable results until I found Venus. I pinch myself every day to see if I am dreaming…

Sherah Taylor, OR

Only through Venus was I able to gain the tools to achieve the kind of body that I wanted. I can't say enough good things about this program and all the tools that are provided to help you reach your goals. The podcasts are a wealth of knowledge that really help you understand what you should focus on, the community is full of great people who are always supportive and encouraging and the workouts are absolutely amazing. I've never looked or felt better than I do now following the Venus lifestyle.

Kimberley Alamandy, NJ

Final Thoughts

The Venus Factor Diet

The Venus Factor Program will get you to lose weight if you follow it. Changes in the system, reduction in days, workouts, or meals, and any slacking off will reduce or eliminate your weight loss. If you have motivation issues, this at home program is not for you.

Many people have successfully lost weight on the Venus Factor and the reduced calorie forced diet and workout plan succeeds.

While the plan needs to be updated to reflect current nutritional science, it has a strong foundation and positive track record of helping people lose weight.

About the Author: Christina Major is a Holistic Nutritionist, Traditional Naturopath, and Herbalist. She has a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and an advanced degree in Traditional Naturopathy. Further certifications in herbalism and metabolic typing. She owns and operates Crystal Holistic Health Consulting based in PA, the USA since 2010.

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