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Mark Webster’s The Juicing Factor eBook Review

juicing factor

What is Juicing Factor?

Juicing factor is an e-book that presents its readers with healthy ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their lifestyle. It focuses on the power of juicing and the effect it can have on your weight without the need to go through difficult diets or struggling with hunger on any kind of fasts.

What Information Will You Find in the Juicing Factor E-book? 

First chapters of this e-book explain the general benefits of juicing and the difference between juicing and blending. Then the book discusses juicing fasts and regimen diets, explaining why this is not the best method to lose extra weight.

weight loss with juicing factor

The e-book offers tips for buying the best suitable juicing machine as well as recommendations on specific juicer's models. It presents the top ingredients used to make delicious juices. In addition, Juicing Factor offers guidelines for building healthy and delicious juicing recipes on your own.

I really loved how the book prepares you for creating your own juicing recipes. It offers a structure you can follow to make different kind of juices.

The book discusses weight loss as being one of the most popular juicing goals. It lists the ingredients you should avoid juicing to prevent weight gain together with the ingredients that can promote weight loss.

Few of the other helpful chapters of this book talk about the overall juicing produce, the best ways to buy it and tips for preparing it.

Who Wrote The E-book?

This e-book was written by Mark Webster, one of the health authors at HealthAmbition.com. Mark is also a co-founder of this health oriented website. Health Ambition is one of the leading authority sites in the health industry, providing its readers with lots of helpful articles about nutrition, beauty, exercise and other health related topics. Mark is a health enthusiast that changed his life style thanks to juicing. He has experienced the influence juicing can have on the way you live and is now happy to share his knowledge with others through health posts on his website and with the help of the Juicing Factor e-book.

What Else Do You Get When You Purchase the E-book?

Juicing Factor is not the only useful e-book you get once you purchase it. In addition you get 3 more bonus e-books, which can actually stand on their own.

juicing factor bonus ebook

The first bonus e-book is "Juicing Produce Guide":

In this guide you will be presented with the top 10 juicing ingredients. Those include beets, kale, celery, wheat-grass, papaya and more. The book will introduce and explain the 10 of the health benefits each of those ingredients has to offer. Knowing how each ingredient contributes to your health will help you make wiser decisions the next time you will go shopping for juicing produce.

The second bonus e-book is "Juicing Recipe Book":

Delicious and healthy juice recipes is something every juicing enthusiast is always in search of. Juicing Recipe e-book, added as a bonus to Juicing Factor, is a real treasure. It contains more than 50 great juicing recipes. The recipes are categorized by their health purpose or by the main ingredient. This e-book on its own is a good reason to purchase the hall package.

juicing factor review

What I loved the most about the recipes in this e-book, is that most of them contained more than a simple ingredients list and one line instructions about stirring the juice. The detailed recipes had a quick description, recommendations about when it is best to drink them, an opinion about how the juice is supposed to taste like and detailed instructions about how to prepare each juice. The book also mentions how many servings you will get from each ingredients list. That is a simple detail that is lacking in many other juicing recipes books.

The only downside to this book, is that not all the recipes follow this detailed structure I was so impressed by.

juicing factor review

The third bonus e-book is "Juicing Strategies Handbook":

This e-book focuses on the health aspects of juicing by explaining how juicing can affect various health conditions. The e-book discusses juicing for skin, for energy, for better eyesight and offers ways to fight or even prevent different diseases. This guide does not offer any recipes, but it contains description of the ingredients that can benefit each of the discussed health conditions.

Who Is This Book For?

The book is mainly targeting people that are relatively new to juicing. It covers everything a beginner should know about juicing. However more experienced juicers can also discover some useful juicing tips and enjoy the delicious recipes that are generously offered as a bonus. The book is a great guide for those starting juicing as part of their weight loss effort as well as for those that want to improve their overall health and lifestyle.

How You Can Purchase the E-book?

You can purchase the e-book from the official Juicing Factor sales page. The book comes with 30 days money back guarantee. You can grab your copy and see for yourself if Juicing Factor fits your juicing needs. Click on the link below to be promoted to the official e-book purchase page.

Temporarily the Juicing Factor Ebook is not available. For more details please contact the author Mark Webster at Health Ambition contact page.

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  • Gifty Wilson May 4, 2017, 4:06 pm

    I like to have a copy

    • Dave June 18, 2017, 11:42 pm

      Hello, Gifty Wilson!

      Unfortunately, this eBook is no longer available at Health Ambition website. I found their live sales page but the link to buy this eBook doesn’t work. I tried to contact the Mark Webster but didn’t get any answer. I know that Mark and Gael Breton are the guys behind the AuthorityHacker website too. Maybe somebody knows more information about this eBook?

      Thank you!

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