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Paleo Recipe Book Review: 372 Easy Recipes in 18 Categories Plus 5 Bonuses

Paleo is the fad diet today! Not only does it have a following as raving as the low-fat crowd, but it’s growing faster!

Fortunately, paleo is actually healthy. People lose weight and maintain health. In fact, many people take up paleo just to lose weight and get healthy and it works!

Paleo is actually recommended by some doctors for people with severe digestive complaints and those with Celiac’s disease.

What Is Paleo?

The basic premise of the paleo lifestyle is to eat foods that would be recognizable by our paleo ancestors. These are foods that are not processed. They are whole, nutritious foods. By default, paleo eliminates chemicals and preservatives.

Some of the versions of paleo mean that this is any food that you can eat that is homemade. This can be breads, pastas, freezer meals, or canned foods. The sticking point is that you made it. And that the ingredients came to you whole (or you know the source).

Other versions of paleo are a little more strict. They mean only foods that were around in ancient times. And all the food needs to be fresh. Since wheat is a more recent food, it’s off the list. Many strict versions demand only organic foods. One extreme example allows you only raw foods and foods you cook over an open fire.

Overall, paleo is a good way to live. It focuses of whole foods. Any diet that focuses of whole foods and eliminates chemicals, pesticides, and processing is good. Nutritiously, this increases your fats and proteins while decreasing your carb intake. It is very high in nutrients.

Many people will lose weight, reduce disease, and get more energy doing paleo.

The Problem with Paleo

The guiding tenet of paleo is that we only eat foods like our ancestors ate. The problem is that only 1% of our food supply was available 10,000 years ago. Only 2% was available 2,000 year ago. And only 5% is still the same as it was 500 years ago.

Human practiced hybridization and selective growing. These are completely natural and is basically evolution on fast forward. The best plants were chosen for their seeds and those seeds were planted the next year. After a couple of years, better plants abound. After 100 years, the plant is pretty much a new sub-species.

Today, we face genetic modification, or GMOs. This is not natural and does not happen in nature. Genetic modification happens in a lab where a portion of DNA from one species (usually a bacteria or virus) is inserted into another species (the target plant). The new sub-species now contains whatever man put in it. That’s why we have corn that produces its own pesticide and why some wheat can withstand enough herbicide to kill an elephant.

The original concept of paleo really focused on only foods our ancestors would eat. Shortly after, the point that we don’t have those available and there are thousands of whole, nutritious foods that we should eat emerged. Paleo then changed its principles to include whole foods to appeal to a larger audience.

How Do I Convert to Paleo?

Paleo is one of the easiest diet to learn. There is very little counting, even less complicated shopping.

All you do is cut out all processed foods.

That’s also the toughest part. Many people are addicted to the convenience of pre-made meals, mostly done sides, and easy to make dinners. Sometimes, cereal in the morning is quicker and easier than making a hot breakfast.

When you first start paleo, you’ll be shocked how much time you spend in the produce section and how little you spend in the whole rest of the store. Your pantry will be light, but your veggie shelf will be full to bursting!

Can I Lose Weight on Paleo?

For most people, that answer is a huge YES! If you are already thin and/or fit, then most likely not. You will get lots of nutrition, but weight loss isn't the goal for the fit.

If you have more than 20 pounds to lose, you will see a slow weight loss. You won’t be taking in the extra sugars a processed food diet has. You won’t be bogged down with chemicals and preservatives.

Your body will start to flush out the toxins and release its hold on the extra fat.

Of course, weight loss will depend on your level of health and exercise. Don’t expect one change to do it all for you. And talk to your doctor before switching your diet. Many people, diabetics in particular, may experience a sudden drop in blood sugar and may need to have medications adjusted.

The Paleo Recipe Book

These are the recipes that will give you the foods, tastes, and enjoyment foods are supposed to provide. Each recipe in this book is packed with nutrition, taste, and fun.

Paleo Beef Recipes

Beef features prominently in paleo. It’s an easy, affordable, and convenient meat.

It is a strong meat, full of flavor and bold in texture. There are dozens of recipes for beef in the cookbook, using many of the different cuts.

Paleo Chicken Recipes

Chicken is quickly becoming the meat of choice. It’s cheaper than beef and has more versatility. Plus, you can buy a whole chicken (without feathers, head, and feet), which means you have more than one meal with the proper planning.

In the cookbook, there are many recipes for chicken, many parts of the chicken, and chicken can replace (or be replaced) in many of the other recipes.

Paleo Flavors

One of the big bonuses is a flavor guide, otherwise known as the Herb & Spice Guide. This is a short handout that explains many of the key flavors in the paleo recipes. There are wonderful tips on how to use each herb and spice and a little bit about how these herbs and spices can work with the body to promote healing.

Most likely, you will need to buy some herbs and spices pre-packaged. This is expected. In some areas, you can only get fresh herbs and spice in summer. Some herbs and spices need to be shipped in. This plan tells us it’s ok for these herbs and spices, as long as we try and get as many as possible fresh and local.

The cookbook also has many recipes for sauces, marinades, and condiments. You get to make all of these and you can tailor them to your taste!

Paleo Vegetable Recipes – Or, I’m a Vegetarian!

Don’t worry, you can be paleo and a vegetarian. It will just take more work.

Way back when, there wasn’t such a being as a vegetarian. People needed to eat and they ate what was available. Most of the time, it was vegetables, not meat that were the available foods.

As we progressed, most people did not increase their vegetable intake greatly. Only in recent times do we have a society with easy access to meat.

First, if you are eating chicken, fish, or eggs, you are a type of vegetarian that eats meat. These recipes don’t require anything special from you as long as you have 4-6oz of the meat every other day. If you eat less or are a real vegetarian, you will need to do your protein counting in order to stay healthy.

Many recipes call for nutrient dense foods. Your food choices are still vast. Beans and vegetables can be combined in order to get all your nutrients. Just be sure to do your counting and eat your veggies!

You’ll find soy is not very prominent. Unfermented soy is actually dangerous to eat because of high amounts of goiterogens, carcinogens, and GMOs. Fermented organic soy is healthier, but harder to find.

Paleo Breakfast Recipes

One of the biggest changes for most people comes with breakfast. The Standard American Diet breakfast contains mostly processed foods and bread and pastry products. While there are some baked foods in paleo, whole foods are much more predominant.

Eggs are the biggest feature at breakfast. They are convenient one serving packages, full of healthy proteins and fats, and quick to cook. There are quite a few recipes that call for eggs.

Another big breakfast change is the idea of eating foods that are not usual for most people. Salmon, steak and vegetables are all options. Leftover dinner can also be breakfast.

There is no hard and fast rule that you need to eat breakfast food for breakfast. Dinner meals can be breakfast and breakfast foods can be dinner. Paleo makes you keep an open mind!

Paleo Lunch Recipes

There aren't as many lunch recipes in this collection of recipes. All the meals could be lunch, but most are not quick and convenient.

The biggest lunch idea is that you can take leftovers! Many meal plans want you to take whole new foods or even pre-packaged meals.

The paleo cookbook wants you to take leftovers a large part of the time. This way, you save time and energy on cooking and preparing. Plus you have healthy meals.

Paleo Dinner Recipes

And these healthy dinner recipes are what provide the lunches!

Most meals in paleo are for dinner. Many cookbooks and diets want you to eat the substantial meal as your dinner. And they want that dinner to be a bit earlier in the evening. Working and preparing aside, this is a good move.

In the Paleo Cookbook, there are simple paleo recipes, longer but easy paleo recipes, and complex paleo recipes. You get to choose how involved you want to make your dinner.

For paleo meal ideas, look at what you are already doing. Many dinners feature a meat, vegetable, but too much starch, bread and pasta. You can replace many of the processed pastas and breads with more vegetables and some of the side dishes in the book.

Paleo encourages large dishes of foods that are at least half to three-quarters vegetables. Meat is only a side player. It’s all these vegetables that are what make the paleo diet cookbook so healthy.

Combined with the herbs and spices, the dinners are wonderful.

Paleo Dessert Recipes

Of course, the best paleo recipes are the dessert recipes. Even paleo has diet dessert recipes.

If you think about the best desserts, they feature fruit. Yes, fruits and the biggest part of the paleo desserts because they are convenient, easy, and naturally sweet.

The meal plan actually encourages you to eat dessert. A diet without dessert is one nobody follows.

Paleo Bread & Pasta Recipes

The best paleo cookbooks try to meet people where they are and take them to a better place. So many people love breads and pastas, it would be detrimental to leave them out.

In paleo, you need to adjust your intake of these foods and your tastes. White breads and pastas are a thing of the past. We move towards a richer, heavier tasting bread and pasta.

Almond flour features prominently in breads and pastas. Sprouted grain flours, other nut flours, and refined starch flours are also good substitutes.


We hope this Paleo Recipes Book review encourages you to buy the actual book and get the special bonuses! The Herb and Spice guide and the 8-Week Meal Plan are extremely helpful. Plus, you get a Quick and Simple Paleo Meals Book (30 recipes), cheat sheet for the different flours you can use and how to use them, cooking with coconut milk cheat sheet, portion size cheat sheet and troubleshooting cheat sheet.

​Herbs and Spices Guide

​8 Week Meal Plan

​Quick and Simple Paleo Meal Book (30 Recipes)

​Paleo Flours and Thickeners Cheat Sheet

​​Cooking with Coconut Milk Cheat Sheet

Portion Size Cheat Sheet

Troubleshooting Cheat Sheet​

Paleo is a very healthy diet that focuses on whole foods. By eliminating the processed foods and all the toxic chemicals and preservatives, you allow your body to clear out and grow naturally.

Many people have gotten rid of diseases, lost incredible amounts of weight, and their kids suddenly calm down and can focus.

It takes work. This diet replaces all the convenience foods with wholesome natural foods. You become responsible for making all the meals.

The Paleo Cookbook is filled with recipes and tips for providing healthy meals that taste great.

Just don’t fall for the line that you are eating like your ancestors. Enjoy the good foods and leave the philosophy at the door!

About the Author: Christina Major is a Holistic Nutritionist, Traditional Naturopath, and Herbalist. She has a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and an advanced degree in Traditional Naturopathy. Further certifications in herbalism and metabolic typing. She owns and operates Crystal Holistic Health Consulting based in PA, the USA since 2010.

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      Many people feel the same way you do. This book will be a good start to introduce you to recipes that are healthy and lower and sugar. There are many diet plans online that work well for many people. The tough part is finding the one that works particularly well for you. To achieve the fastest weight loss and feel healthy quickest, you should visit a nutritionist. Otherwise, we reviewed several plans for at home weight loss/fitness on our website. Browse some of those and see which one appeals to you. It will give you a good idea of where your strengths and weaknesses lie regarding fitness.

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