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What Do You Need for a Juicing Diet?

Every so often, a new diet comes around that claims to outperform all the others and in the past five or so years, it would have to be the juicing diet. Of course, guys like Jack Lalanne had been promoting juicing for many years, but only recently has this been part of the mainstream. Whether you are someone who is interested in losing weight or just getting healthy, switching over to some form of juicing diet can really make a tremendous difference in your life.

Juicing diet

What Is Juicing?

Depending on who you ask, a juicing diet can be a cleansing and detoxification diet, a weight loss diet, or even a supplemental diet that is used for people who are trying to increase one particular aspect of their health, such as muscle growth. Juicing has been proven to be beneficial in many different ways and there are literally hundreds of different juicing diets that you can choose from, some of which are focused on weight loss or cleansing.

What Is Cleansing?

The idea of a cleansing diet, which is usually done through the use of natural juices that you make at home, is to cleanse your organs and rid your intestinal system of various toxins and waste materials that may have been sitting in there for quite some time. It is not unusual for someone to lose ten to fifteen pounds of water and waste during a juice diet or juice fast of some kind, usually over a period of about a week or so.

Most cleansing diets consist of a variety of juices, but primarily those that will create some type of movement in the intestinal system, such as prunes, plums, carrots, apples, and others. Many of these also include lemons, which have been known to be used in a variety of weight loss diets, too.

What Do You Need for a Juicing Diet?

The first thing that you should do before you commit yourself to any diet is to make sure that you are healthy enough for this kind of lifestyle change. A juicing diet can also be disruptive to your life, at least in the short term, especially as it pertains to your bathroom habits as well as how much time you are going to have to spend with food preparation. In other words, this is not the kind of diet that you should enter into without any thought.

You will also need to get some advice as to what kinds of juices are appropriate for you to consume. Some people start out by experimenting with various fruits and vegetables, but you will find that using a good recipe book can help you to have a better experiencing with your juicing diet overall.

Finally, you will want to get a high quality juicer, especially if you are going to be using it on a daily basis. This is particularly important since juicing is a vigorous activity for any piece of machinery and the more inexpensive juicers have a tendency to break down very quickly. There are two basic types of juicers – centrifugal and masticating – and you will need to figure out just which type is for you. Centrifugal juicers tend to be quicker and louder, but masticating juicers are quieter and get more nutrients out of every piece of fruit. You will find that most people who are serious about their juicing will always lean toward a high-quality masticating juicer for nutritional purposes as well as ease of use.

What Kind Of Juicer Should You Buy?

If you are planning on going on a juicing diet, then it is certainly worth investing in a high-quality juicer like the Omega VRT350HD. This particular juicer is a masticating juicer which means that it is able to get more nutrients out of every piece of fruit or vegetable. This is also one of the quieter, high-powered juicers, which makes it ideal for busy households.

When you are looking at juicers, there are actually several considerations that you will need to keep in mind, including the fact that you want a strong motor, a quiet machine, and preferably a juicer that doesn’t take up a lot of room on your counter-top. The Omega VRT350HD certainly fits the bill for most people.

juicing diet with vegetable juice

Where Can You Buy the Omega VRT350HD?

If you are serious about your juicing diet, then a juicer like this can make things a lot easier and certainly more nutritious for you, but finding it can be difficult. If you want to get the best possible price on the Omega VRT350HD, you should definitely buy this online here * where you can save about $30 off of the normal retail price and you will also get a free wheatgrass growing kit so you can grow your own at home.

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About the Author: Hey, I’m Dima and I love juicing. When I was a kid, fruits and vegetables weren’t something I was very excited about. I was much more passionate about eating meatballs with spaghetti than I was about a salad of any kind :). A few years ago I discovered juicing that not only had an effect on my daily meals, my health, and my looks but also on my entire lifestyle. And I share with you all my knowledge and tips.

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