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iFocusHealth.com is here to provide you with useful, fresh and comprehensive information about healthy lifestyle, nutrition, juicing, weight loss and much more

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             Some of the topics you can expect to find on our website are: 

Juicers Reviews

There are lots of different juicers on the market. It is sometimes very difficult to decide which juicer is right for you and which one will deliver a good value for your investment.

The difference between juicers is not only in their brand name. There are juicers for different purposes and juicers that work based on different technologies. Each of those factors will influence the simplicity of the juicing process and the quality of the juice you will get at the end.

Understanding the differences can help you make an intelligent decision about your purchase. We have made comparisons between some of the top juicers that will help you in making this decision. You can also find popular questions and answers about Omega Juicers on our Omega FAQ page.

Omega Vert Juicer

Since juicing is or might become an important part of your lifestyle it is important to get a hold of a juicer that will answer all of your needs.

Juicing Benefits

Juicing can offer enormous amount of health benefits. Whether you are wondering about general health benefits of juicing, debating about starting juicing or blending, or looking for the healthiest juice ingredients you will find the answers among our juicing benefits articles. Discover the wondrous benefits of grapefruit juice. Find out how carrot juice and pineapple juice can improve your skin

celery juice benefits

Juicing Recipes

Green Juice Recipes

New delicious juicing recipes are something we are always in search for. Besides general healthy juice recipes, on our sites you will find recipes that serve a specific purpose. There are juice diet recipes for weight loss, juicing recipes for diabetics, pumpkin juice recipes, green juice recipes and many others.

Juicing Plans

juicing plan to lose weight

Although a fresh organic juice every once in a while can be enough for some, many of our readers consider juicing a part of their lifestyle and sometimes even a process they expect to achieve specific results with. In that case it is important to follow a dedicated juicing plan. There are juicing plans for an average person, lemon fasts and others.

Juice Cleanses

master cleanse secrets

There are lots of arguments about the impact different cleanses and detox fasts have on our health. Some believe it is unnecessary while others argue our body cannot handle all the toxins without us helping it. On our site you will find different juice detox recipes, juice detox plans, reasons for going on a juice cleanse as well as arguments to when and why to avoid it.

Juicing for Weight Loss

Benefits of juicing

Weight loss is one of the most talked about topics. Juicing can contribute a lot to any weight loss program and there are lots of fasts and diets based entirely on juicing. On our site you will find posts talking about specific fruits and vegetables that are beneficial for weight loss. You will also find detox and diet plans, detailed juicing recipes for weight loss and different juicing weight loss plans and programs reviews.

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